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  1. Security
    Can anyone recommend the best / cheapest / most popular GPS tracking option for a T5? I'm driving into mainland Europe for several months and want some extra security, without too much fussing around! Thanks in advance
  2. Electrical
    Hi Wondering if anyone has any experience with this.... The garage stuck a new battery in my T5 for me whilst in for MOT/service. They used a battery saver to prevent the radio dropping its code. However, the van is now showing "safe" on the dashboard ("combi-instrument") display. The...
  3. Wanted
    I'm after a captains seat and bench seat with the shoulder belt . Ideally I would like to swap for my Saab captains seats. One comes with a swivel safe and the other with a regular T4 base Thx Dave
  4. Swap Shop
    I have 2 Saab seats , one with a swivel safe and the other with a regular t4 single base for sale . I would ideally like l swap them for a t4 inca captains seat and a bench seat. I'm in Bristol and I can upload some pics if needed. Thx D
  5. Camping & Excursions
    Hi, Has anybody got any experience of stopping in Dublin? We're off to Cork for a wedding and fancy a couple of nights in Dublin on the way through. All the campsites seem well outside the city, does anybody know of any safe places we can park up the van for a couple of nights? Cheers, Tom
  6. Wanted
    Will buy or swap for 2 Saab 9-5 half leather seats, both mounted to a swivel with a safe underneath
  7. Swap Shop
    I'm looking to swap both of these for a bench seat with 2 three point seat belts and a vwt4 captains seat with arm rests in inca fabric. Thx D
  8. Security
    I want to travel with my camera's, lenses and laptop but can't drag my stuff with me all the time so I need a safe or a vault in my van. I have been looking at virtually every under the seat box / swivel safe but the problem is that my laptop, a 17 inch MacBook Pro, in my protective sleeve...
  9. Interior
    I'm going to put some swivel seat bases in for the 2 front captain seats. I have both bases and seats fitted at the moment. After researching it seems that the FASP slimline ones have the best overall rating as they don't rock compared to those with a central bolt (Sportscraft, CMC, RIB etc)...
  10. General T4 Chat
    Good evening all, My van started to clunck whilst in N.Wales the other day and after taking both front wheels off and checking for damage/bearings ... it stopped. So I drove home to Warwick. Then it suddenly started again yesterday on the way home from work. I've also driven it to and from...
  11. Parts For Sale
    Change of plans means surplus to requirements is my seat base with swivel plate and integrated locking safe. A really solid bit of kit, very heavy. Fits in my 2002 T4 both passenger and drivers sides. Mounting holes underneath (ie to bolt it to the floor) are 335mm apart side-to-side, 385mm...
  12. Electrical
    New member.I have tried a search for this, but cannot find an answer. I have two sets of keys. They both operate the central locking One set will start the van without problem. When I put the other key into the ignition and switch on. 'SAFE' is shown on the dashboard. The van will not start I...
  13. T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I am just embarking on my T5 conversion project. I'm converting the double passange seat into a single captain chair. I'm looking at a swivel seat with a integrated safe (Sportscraft T5 Seat Swivel with box and lockable safe): http://www.bluebird-type2.co.uk/t5%20interior.htm Having...
  14. Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    G'Day all, We're the owners of a '91 T4 camper (self-build) and have enjoyed many camping holidays in England and France - until recently. In Arachon we had our wallets stolen from in the locked glovebox in our locked van. Apparently it's a hotspot. I know it's stupid that we left them in the...
1-14 of 14 Results