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  1. Children car seats (rearward facing) in T5

    Hi everyone My toddler (18m) has grown out of his baby car seat and I want to put him in a rearward facing car seat. My van does not have iso-fix and none of the "usual" car seats will fit as the T5's seatbelts are too short to accommodate a rearward facing cat. Has anyone else had this...
  2. Reconnection advice

    My van contains a LOT of electrics! It has an inverter, a big amplifier, loads of speakers, switches and more LED lights than is advisable! It was like this when I got it a couple of months ago. Some of the LEDs don't seem to work now, and I was looking under a removable panel by the tailgate...
  3. Self conversion safety. Things to look out for

    T4 Conversions
    Hi all, This is my first post and first time venturing into camperland. I'm about to buy a T4 LWB (pending satisfactory inspection) that I'll be converting myself over the next few months. I'm a little safety obsessed (been in a major accident) so want to know what I can do to make sure...
  4. Safety Measures during Driving

    Hello Friends I want to ask all of you that what safety measures do we need while driving??
  5. snow chains

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi Need to buy some snow chains to take T6 LWB to Alps. Is there anything I need to know before spending good money? Anything to avoid? Recommendations? Presume no problems with standard 16 inch tyres? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Need advise on swivel bases/plates plz

    I'm after swivel bases/plates for my 98 velle. I wanted genuine ones but they're very hard to get hold of and really expensive :( So i'm looking for after market ones but I'm clueless as what one are safe/crash tested etc Any advise welcome thanx T:
  7. Dropped a clanger

    Hi sorry if a thousand posters have asked this before Just bought a 55 plate T5, 2.5 TDI panel van and spent most of my budget, as I had it for a song, I think! My intentions are fitting windows and a triple rear seat for the family, (i can remember doing similar with my dads renault traffic...
  8. Hi there a T4 addict already

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi there, An amazing forum, it's totally addictive! We've just bought a t4 to go camping as a family. It's had a lt of work on it and is nicely converted. Feel happy that we've got a good 'un but it needs proper seats for the kids. So a bit of work to do and a can of worms as to which to...
  9. Rib or multivan seat/bed headache - help!

    Hi there, We've just bought our first t4, it already been nicely converted but only has a simple rock and roll bed. We have two little ones so need proper seats/ bed in the back. It was a rookie mistake, we bought it would be easier to sort than it is...( fools I hear you cry!) We want a full...
  10. Seat belt query

    New T5 Members Forum
    My Leisure Drive conversion(57 T5) has got an adapted drivers seat in the passenger position.This means the seat belt buckle stalk is attached to a bolt not made for the job,the buckle is 2 inches further back & lower down & at a different angle from standard..Does anyone know if this is safe...
  11. Rear Seat Belts

    T4 Conversions
    Hi All, I have fitted some rear seats (3rd row) into my van which was originally a panel van. I have put two 3 point rear seat belts into the mounting points using the threaded mounting plates, hanger brackets etc. While I dont want to start yet another debate on the safety aspects of doing...
  12. The Meaning Of... Wheel Markings

    Technical Articles
    Choosing wheels for your Van, Caravelle or Camper is one of those emotive subjects - here, we outline some of the pitfalls you can be faced with when contemplating those shiny new - or not so new (or shiny) - rims that instantly transform the look of your ride. Wheel Sizes Typical T4 steel...
  13. Self Build Camper and Van - Safety Issues.

    T4 Conversions
    As requested, a sticky thread for the discussion of Safety issues that concern Self Build Campers and Vans. Such as Crash Tested Vs Non Crash Tested products. Your views from either side of the fence (or sitting on it) are welcome here T: