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  1. Stereo retrofit/upgrade options?

    Hi all. I've currently got a RCD200 type stereo in my carvelle - it sounds ok, but that's about it. I'd like to bring it a bit more up to date with the following features: Bluetooth Audio - I've already got a separate BT phone module overhead, but it only does calls - not sure how I integrate...
  2. Mirrorlink and Pioneer SPh-da120

    i'm a recent convert to T5's and my Caravelle came with the Pioneer SPh-da120 unit alreday in it. Radio works ok, and the connection to a USB stick with loads of my music on works great. However i just cant seem to connect my Android phone to it, so that i can have a satnav...
  3. Unknown Stereo - ideas?

    Just purchased my first T5 transporter. It has an aftermarket stereo which is bluetooth, sat nav, and appears to have internet capability. However, I am unable to get the satnav working - originally it was pending trying to find GPS signal, and then after I played in the settings, the sat nav is...
  4. Sat Nav options for T5 (2006)

    Hi Guys, I am new to this site and I am looking for some advice regarding retrofitting a OEM Sat Nav into my 2006 T5 Caravelle. The van is currently fitted with a Gamma Radio cassette with 6-CD autochanger mounted under the drivers seat, and the instrument display has half LCD and Half warning...
  5. Views on sat nav head units?

    Hi, I can not decide whether to go for a dash/window mounted sat nav or stereo head unit with a sat nav built in. I like the idea of the sat nav head unit as I think it looks nicer and more clean looking than something stuck on the dash with a power cable running from it. However, I have never...
  6. Fitting aftermarket unit Pioneer SPH-DA120 - control with ignition

    Hi, I'm in the process of fitting one of these to a 56' plate t5: http://www.halfords.com/sat-nav-audio/car-audio/dab-radios-car-stereos/pioneer-sph-da120-with-apple-carplay All good, except for the fact that it is always on, regardless of whether or not the ignition is turned. (obviously, I...
  7. t5 VW built in satnav -is there video rca input?

    I have a 2006 t5 with factory satnav. I bought a rearview camera and small display, but now wondering if it is it possible to plug an rca video connector in the back of the head unit? it looks similar to this except with dest button on the bottom row ...
  8. 2013 VW T5 T30(GP) 140 DSG*NO VAT*sca poptop

    Vans For Sale
    Here we have my much loved T5 bus, I have been on several camping trips and loved every one since I purchased her with my other half and my daughter. I am only selling this van as I have brought a house that is becoming a bottomless pitt !! I purchased the van with two and a half thousand miles...
  9. Sat-Nav

    Hello, I fancy fitting a Sat-Nav to my T5, I am not after anything too fancy just Sat-Nav and something I can plug my Ipod into to play my music. I was thinking around the £500. Can anyone recommend one and does anyone have pics/video of how to fit it? Cheers
  10. Kenwood DNX521VBT DAB

    I have just taken delivery of a spec'd up T30 Kombi that comes with a factory radio that has Bluetooth phone but no DAB or Sat Nav. So I want to upgrade to the Kenwood unit but can't work out a) what integrates and b) what bits I need to add on. The original system comes with the phone mike...
  11. Sat Nav ???

    Engine & Gearbox
    What's the best sat nav product to slot easily into a T5 that includes a built in radio?
  12. Navsure N400i

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi people. Does anyone on here own a Navsure N400i I've lost the SD card and having been told the price of a new one I was hoping I could copy the contents of someone's SD card and put it onto a new one. Hope that makes sense T:
  13. 2007 T5 Factory Sat Nav - AUX input? Removal possible?

    Hi all, I am new to the forums but I have done a lot of reading on here and it looks like a great resource which will be very useful in the future as I am about to bite the bullet and purchase a 2007 T5 130PS SWB. It comes with, I think, the MCD factory sat nav which comes with the 6 CD...
  14. Single Din DVD/Sat Nav Head Units

    Hey guys an gals, I've not long been a shall we say "proper" member of the T4 scene until I picked up a 2001, Lwb two weeks ago! Excited doesn't even cover it! (As I'm sure other owners will testify!) Now, I'm in the forces and currently in Belize... So all research I'm doing is via the trusty...
  15. T5 sat nav

    Hi guys, Looking to get a SAT NAV unit to replace the bog standard cd player in my T5. Can anyone recomend a good model that is reasonable priced. I'l prob go for 2nd hand on ebay but have no ideas to make and models etc. thanks :ILU:
  16. sat nav in 05 T5

    Im looking for some help and advice regarding either the VW RNS510 MFD3 Sat Nav or the earlier model T5 Multivan MFD2 Sat Nav Navigation. I have scanned these forum pages but are still none the wiserto my question. I have just purchased a t5 t30 4 panel van on an 05 plate, what id ideally like...
  17. sat nav for t5 - what do you run

    General T5 Chat
    What are you folks running? In dash double din only i've been looking at the VW RNS 510 that is fitted to Toureg etc but not 100% sure it will all work ok. also been toying with Pioneer Avic 900 (but lots of wedge) as have had their units before & find them pretty good. anyone any...