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  1. General Technical
    Hi folks, Been a while but this is the place to come... 2.5 TDi T4 : For a while now my screenwash seems to last but a few days. :( Wondering if there's a leak in my tank but the only thread I can find on here is about a T5 where they say the outlet pipe keeps coming adrift and that it's a...
  2. Electrical
    Hi, I have searched through about 30 pages in the search so I apologise if this has been covered else where. I was driving along a month back and noticed smoke coming from my dash. Turns out it was the relay for the rear heater etc. Is it no. 99? The garage asked if I wanted it replaced. I...
  3. General Technical
    Was at the girlfriends parents house yesterday sorting out a few things with the van - Tailgate lock/screen wash etc... Anyway, on the way there, gave it loads of rear screen wash - no screenwash came out. When we arrived, found it leaking out the back - being from helfrauds as well, it was...
1-3 of 3 Results