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seat base

  1. Interior
    Hello. I just bought a front passenger seat with the seat base from a newer t4 (2002 model I think) and I want to change it with my old seat (96 t4 model). The problem is that the base for the newer seat base was fastened with nuts in the front on to studs sticking up, and hexagonal bolt screws...
  2. Interior
    Hello there! Newbies here. At the moment we are converting our very first 1996 Volkswagen T4 1.9 D into a camper! But now we have a question. The Van we bought has already got 2 good seats in it. Only they are not cockpit seats, and ofcourse we prefer armrests! :p When we feel on the side of...
  3. Interior
    Hi all, I'm after some advice/recommendations for a good passenger swivel base (twin) for my T5. Had a look around and the most decent looking one I keep seeing is the Kiravans one (crash tested) for £289 on eBay. There are others retailing at around £200 but I want the safety tested one (we...
  4. Wanted
    Hi all Does anyone have a T5 seat base for the rear rail system or know where I can get one from? Regards Rob
  5. Parts For Sale
    I bought these for doing my conversion, but I have ended up going down a different route (I put caravelle rails in and bought a set of seats c/w sports craft swivels). So I now have these taking up room in my garage. They are renault seat bases and swivels (c/w renault pre-tensioners), you...
  6. FREE Stuff
    Single base removed from T5 as shown in picture. Free to collect from Trowbridge Wiltshire
  7. Interior
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a standard, non-swivel, single seat base for my T4. All websites I've looked on only sell swivel ones. Does anyone know of any for sale or where I could find one? Thanks
  8. Parts For Sale
    For Sale T4 Caravelle/Multivan Single Seat Base. Good condition but has some marks. £30 can post for £8 4 x T4 Caravelle/Multivan Wheeltrims. Condition as per photos, presentable but by no means perfect. They have marks from kurbing and the centre stickers have some water ingress. £30 can...
  9. Interior
    Hi just bought a pair of Recaro Style seats to fit in my T5:D:ILU: but I need some help, I don´t know how to fit the belt into the frame(base of the seat) :* If somebody has done this ore similar pleas help.
  10. Interior
    New to these forums so hopefully this is in the right place. I have sacrificed the single captains seats in my caravelle and only using the bench/bed to allow room in the back for bikes and stuff. Is it possible to use one of the swivels to convert the front passenger seat.
  11. Parts For Sale
    Front seat taken from passenger side of my van, was replaced for captains seat. Its been in the garage about a year, bit dusty but nothing a clean wouldn't remove. padding is in v good nick, van had 28k on it when seat was removed, no rips, one tiny burn to the seat pad, only noticeable up close...
  12. Interior
    I have two seat bases which look like these, but I they were in the van when I got it so might be OEM or not or might be Just Kampers. :* The seats are OK but the passenger seat squeaks like crazy when someone is sat in it. Anyone got any tips on what might be replaceable like bearings or...
  13. Interior
    Fitted new seats last night with massive help from Fraggle. MG ZR seats. They fit on the early model pre 96 seat bases without having to widen them which is massive bonus and look brilliant although after driving to work this morning have noticed they are far to high. Feel like i'm driving a...
  14. Parts For Sale
    Single seat base in good nick for sale. £25 plus postage, collection from Somerset prefered T: Cheers chalks
  15. Wanted
    Hi all, I am now looking for a pair of older single seat bases that will fit to my new (old!) front caravelle seats. Apparently they need to have sticky up bits on top of the 4 corners of the bases where the holes are to fit into the channels on the bottom of the rails on my seats. I'm sure...
  16. Wanted
    Hi, Does anyone have a single passenger seat base for my 2002 van they would sell me? (Or could swap for double seat & base?) Am in Cornwall, but going to Beaulieu at the weekend so could collect there? Many thanks, Hannah
  17. Interior
    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with fitting a T5 triple rear seat in my LWB van. I've fitted seats in the rear of a LWB T4 in the past & just assumed it would be a similar process, but oh no! If anyone has carried out this work they will know the underside of the floor is obviously behind...
  18. New T4 Members Forum
    First of all, hello to al you t4 owners, wicked vans! I have a 2001 1.9tdi, I'm looking for a single seat base as I have to captains with swivels ready for action, does anybody have a spare one or know somewhere apart from eBay I can pick one up fr a reasonable price? I do have two bench seats...
  19. Electrical
    Hi, Anyone know how much space is available under swivel seats to fit a leisure battery (T5)? I'd like to start on the electrics while the interior is stripped but haven't got the swivel bases yet.
  20. Wanted
    Hi guys....really need a single seat base for a 1992 j reg T4 or something that i can adapt. Will have a single seat (no base) and a double with base that is in really good condition when i have fitted the new ones. Please email me if anyone has anything ...Cheers