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seat bed
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  1. Life Style
    I hope I’m not going to live to regret this but due to a change of plans for my conversion I have a full set of T4 Multivan seats for sale. Front captains seats on bases x2 Rear Buddy Seats x2 Rear triple seat bed Multiflex board with legs and cushion. Floor brackets for fitting buddy seats...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Pull tested 3/4 width seat/bed with seat belts and underbody mounting bracket for T4 The bed was supplied and fitted for us by Ed at Celtic Motorhomes. Originally designed for the T5, Ed had a bespoke underbody bracket made for the T4. Link to Ed's original post for the seat/bed...
  3. Interior
    I have a T5.1 2015 SWB. It's primarily a works van. But I need to fit back seats for two toddlers and a rock n roll bed would be useful for me if I work away. All the Rock n Roll beds I've seen seem to position themselves towards the sliding doors. I would like one directly behind the drivers...
  4. T5 Conversions
    What are people's experiences with original Caravelle flooring? Thinking of getting the triple seat but don't think the carpeted floor is particularly compatible with my young family...Does anyone have the Caravelle rubber mat flooring that is meant to be similar to original Kombi mat? Will get...
  5. General T5 Chat
    So far I've got Mad-Workshop (Bristol), Uberbus (Bournemouth), Vanvorx (Portland, Dorset) and Autohaus (Minehead). Any other suggestions? I'll be asking one of these poor souls to do my conversion for me some time soon :D
  6. General T5 Chat
    After much research and reading every thread on this forum about T5 bed/seat option (we want to be able to have seats in Kombi position for the kids and turn into full-width bed), I am now leaning towards a custom variation by Mad Workshop in Bristol. We have explored the Reimo Variotech 333...
  7. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi there, My names Dom. New to VW and the forum. I picked up my first VW this weekend in Kilmarnock then drove it back down to London on Monday. Have been looking for a while... Its a lovely wagon. 166K on the clock. Complete engine rebuild at 164k. Plenty work done. 8hr drive back down South, 1...
  8. T4 Conversions
    Evening guys. I'm needing to get an R and R bed fitted in my van but just need to know a few things. First of all my van is totally bare in the back at the moment but I'm needing extra seating to carry the kids so was wondering do I need to get my flooring done (insulate, ply line and carpet)...
  9. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi was wondering if anyone could help me. I am going to fabricate and weld my own rock n roll bed, I am after putting seat belts on it but wanted to know if it would be legal to do this myself or if I had to go through some sort of crash testing ? Cheers Paul.
  10. Interior
    Can anyone tell me if they know of any seats of this quality in a 3/4 width? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rear-full-length-leather-van-seat-footrest-bed-recliner-VW-T5-T4-Vito-/170833190086 Ideally that leave space for units. Thanks
  11. General Van Chat
    Hi All, I've lined and floored my r reg T4 and want to have an 'L' shaped bench that converts to a full width bed, the shorter part behind the driver/passenger seats. I'm on a tight budget and really please with the conversion so far. I've trawled the net looking for examples/plans with no...
  12. General T4 Chat
    Hi all I have a bongo seat bed up for grabs, it's in spot on condition and has full length rails so you can move it back and forth with ease, they will run the full length of most swb vans, £200 ono T:
1-12 of 12 Results