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  1. Removing Rear Seat belt from Shuttle without touching the roof?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi been reading this forum a while so thought I would join! Just started the process of converting a 2012 LWB Shuttle. I want to remove the Rear Seat belts from the triple seats. Is there a way of doing this without removing the roof panel as ideally I dont want to touch that. Thank you in advance!
  2. T5 C Pillar Seat Belt Reinforcement Brackets Installation - with Photos

    Hi all, Here is how I got over the problem of getting the C pillar brackets in the correct location. 1st drilled the 12mm hole in the C pillar for the belt bolts. 2nd made up a carry/support tool from "garden wire" 3rd added a bit of insulation fibre behind the bracket/wire tool to stop the...
  3. Heuten Seat Belts.

    I need new seat belts as the springs have gone on both front ones. Ive checked that they haven't blown and seen the broken springs. Cant seem to get springs anywhere so am looking at new belts. Vw ones are over £200 each...ouch, I see that Heuten belts are £70 on eBay and come in various...
  4. middle seat -seatbelt outer plastic cover

    In my Van interior i have lost one of the two plastic covers that fit around the female part of the seat belt clip, and the part i have is marked and worn , Ive searched the usual places but cant locate any , is anyone aware if they are available or would i need to but a full seat belt thanks
  5. T4 Wet Seat belt

    Hi, I have a 19TD T4 1999 and the passenger side seat belt gets soaking wet when it rains hard. Ive had a look over the roof and gully's for holes etc but cant see any obvious areas of concern. I dont have any roof bars or 3rd part roof furniture at all... Is there another location that im...
  6. Seat Belt Buckle stop?

    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, recently acquired a LWB t5 59 plate. Both the drivers and passengers seat belt buckle when not in use falls all the way to the base of the seat belt. This is quite annoying as it means having to reach all the way down every time the seat belt is used. Am...
  7. Rear seat belt clasp

    Hey Guys and Gals I have a T4 Reimo conversion and the rear driver side seat belt has got two clasps (both different) and one of these broke. Ideally I would just get a new clasp but more likely will have to buy a whole new belt, but what is this type of seatbelt called and where can I buy one...
  8. Tired or Lazy Seat Belts?!

    In my MY08 Shuttle pretty much all of the belts don't retract themselves with any sort of enthusiasm. Doesn't seem normal to me but being new to the T5 I don't know any better. Is this normal or are they just tired and need replacing? If they need replacing then are they specific to T5 or can I...
  9. Inca Rear Seats Ex Police

    Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of single rear seats in inca trim (2007 vintage) which I have removed from my van, they are in used condition, not scruffy but not perfect. They have integral seat belts, fold up base and they attach to the floor with 6 bolts each (M10 i think). I am fitting a R&R bed and...
  10. Rear seatbelts (bench) dont stop child seat!

    Hi all, I have noticed that neither of the rear belts on my two seat bench stop my daughters seat when pulled to the left or right. If you pull the belts forward the seat doesn't move (as you would expect) but if you pull either left or right (either with force or gently) the seat moves until...
  11. New Rock n Roll Bed from VisionTech Systems

    Our new Bed with seat belts and Gas Assist http://youtu.be/-Se32xm7jsg
  12. My Folding, double, with seatbelts, for your single seat&base

    Swap Shop
    Hi, Need to get rid of my double base, with folding flat double seat, with two seatbelts, from a 95 van, now i need a single early base and single passenger seat with seat belt receiver, ideally a captain, not fussed on pattern/colour as would re-trip it (who likes this standard & inca stuff?!)...
  13. Seat belt?

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone knew whether or not the front seat belts from a 1995 Caravelle are the same spec as the rears? Both my front belts have started to misbehave when trying to put them on, so, if the rears are the same then I'll just them in the front A: Any ideas? :ILU: Cheers
  14. T4 seat belt receiver & lap belt for sale

    Parts For Sale
    From buying various bits and pieces to get everything I needed for my rear seats, have the following bits to be rid of... PM me for paypal details or address to send payment to seat belt receiver with plastic surround, from caravelle rear seat - £4 posted lap belt with receiver attached -...
  15. Double front seat seatbelt stalk?

    Hey guys, My T4 has a captains seat up front with a double seat w/inertia shoulder seat belts, next to it, but the double seat is missing the seatbelt stalk/receptacle in the middle for the far left passenger. It needs one to pass MOT and I wondered if anyone knew where to find on that is either...
  16. Hi from Amy, Golf GTI MK1 Karmann Convertible, Seat belt issue!

    The Pub
    Hi Not sure if this is completely the wrong place to post this but I own a Golf GTI MK1 Karmann Convertible, F reg 89. I now have two young children, 4 years and 18 months. I have owned my cab for the last 7 years but it has been sat in the garage for 4 years as I have no 3 point seat belts in...
  17. Hi from newbi Golf GTI mk1 Cab owner, Oxford

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi Not sure if this is completely the wrong place to post this but I own a Golf GTI MK1 Karmann Convertible, F reg 89. I now have two young children, 4 years and 18 months. I have owned my cab for the last 7 years but it has been sat in the garage for 4 years as I have no 3 point seat belts in...
  18. Front seat belts needed

    Has anyone got a set of front seat belts for sale? Wrecked mine grinding out the bulkhead :(