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seat change

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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hello there, I'm a Van newbie desperately looking for a mechanic to help me fit seating into my T5 Sportline. I've searched high & wide online but found nobody nearer than Colchester which is over 40 miles away. I'm based in SW London just 7 miles from the M4 and 10 miles from the M3. If...
  2. Interior
    Hi, my wife is complaining that the double front seat in our t4 is too uncomfortable for her on long journeys. Have managed to recline the backrest slightly from other threads I have seen but does any one know if there is an alternative double front seat or a way to modify the seat foam?
  3. Interior
    Hi just bought a pair of Recaro Style seats to fit in my T5:D:ILU: but I need some help, I don´t know how to fit the belt into the frame(base of the seat) :* If somebody has done this ore similar pleas help.
  4. Interior
    Morning guys, I've found a couple of threads which relate to putting the front seats in the rear (usually the 2 seat bench), however this week I've got my hands on a the bench and two captain seats from the REAR of a Caravelle. I've fitted the bench seat in the rear, but moved it forward to the...
  5. Interior
    Hello I want to change my front passenger bench for a single captain seat Is it a straight swap? Are to holes/ studs already there or is there some jiggery pokery needed? Thanks Andy
1-5 of 5 Results