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  1. VW Caddy Black and Blue Hexagon Design eZee Seat Covers

    eZee Parts
    And they're live! Cover your Caddy in our new black and blue hexagon design seat covers -...
  2. T5 Caravelle seats - Removing Seat Back Cover For Washing

    General T5 Chat
    Hi I have managed to remove the seat base cover easy enough, but does anybody know how to remove the headrest retainers please?. I have tried squeezing from underneath and yanking but they wont budge. Also how do i get the seat cover over the airbag? I've pulled the airbag cover but just...
  3. INKA Tailored Seat Covers Black - Very impressed

    I wanted to get some covers to add a bit more protection to the base seats. Having looked at all the usual places I went for Inka ones ( INKA Tailored Seat Covers Black) - 129 quid from ebay or 149 direct from their website...
  4. Seat Covers for RIB Neptune Seats

    We have a camper with 60cm wide rear single RIB Neptune seats / beds. Does anyone know where we can buy seat covers to fit these seats. I have contacted Seatskinz and at present they don't have the patterns for these seats so can't supply covers. Any knowledge of where we can buy them?
  5. T5.1 Kombi seat covers

    Hello all.. Does anyone know if there is anything available for the rear 3 seat bench thats similar to this https://www.veedubtransporters.co.uk/shop/t5-seat-covers-diamond-stitch-black/ I've got a 2 seat front and 3 seat bench in the rear and would like matching covers for all. Thanks Gary
  6. Seat covers

    I'd just like to give a shout for these guys: https://seatcovers.de/epages/8c14ec74-fda6-490d-a993-deaa7fd85486.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/8c14ec74-fda6-490d-a993-deaa7fd85486/Categories/%22SItzbez%C3%BCge%20Schonbez%C3%BCge%22/VW_T5 I bought a set of cloth covers and was impressed by the...
  7. RnR seat covers

    Hi everyone, I have just got my very first T5, already converted (few bits and pieces to add on yet, but we'll get there!). I need to cover all the seats to stop the dog / kids ruining them! I can't find seat covers for the Rock and Roll bed though - any suggestions for where I can get them...
  8. New T5 owner

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all i have just purchased my first t5 after a very long time saving up the money for it and some upgrades. I have already set in motion the installation of a front splitter and rear spoiler but would like to get some leatherette or real leather covers for my seats, can anyone help with good...
  9. Seat covers for T4 Autosleeper Trooper captain seats

    Hi everyone My T4 Autosleeper Trooper's front seats are getting a bit thin - I don't want to recover them, but just find some fitted seat covers (as I'm keeping the van as original as possible for re-sale in a few years when I can afford a T5). The front seats are both captains seats, each...
  10. 9 seater terrible seats. Replace or retrim?

    I've got a shuttle with stained seats in the gray cloth. Don't like them so don't want to just get them cleaned. It's so easy to find new front row seats etc for the T5 vans. But minimal options when it comes to a shuttle! Can anyone recommend a good retrim company. I've also looked at the...
  11. Rocknroll bed cover

    T4 Conversions
    Hi all, Does anyone know anywhere that sells waterproof covers for rock n roll beds/seats? For sitting in wetsuits.... nothing dodgy!
  12. Protection for your van

    Cordwallis Van Centre
    Protect your precious van from the harsh weather with our range of accessories including these lovely Sportline waterproof seat covers. Click here to see the full range of accessories
  13. Left hand drive T5 kombi seat covers

    Hi folks I need some nice fitting seat covers for a left hand drive t5 kombi. 2 front seats with arm rests and a 3 seater bench in the back with 1 folding seat. Have looked on e bay but wondered if anyone knew the best to go for?? Thanks Jay.
  14. Inca Waterproof Seat Covers

    Anyone tried these for the T5 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261322103630&fromMakeTrack=true Just had the seats re-trimmed, and want to protect them at time from my mucky (biking etc) Cheers
  15. Single, Double & Kombi Seat Covers with Free UK Shipping

    Now in stock - single, double and kombi seat covers for your T5 and for a limited time we have free UK shipping for orders over £90 have a look here http://www.actionvan.biz/shop/VanAccessories
  16. Caravelle seat covers

    Hi I have been looking for fitted seat covers for 2 single front seats a double middle seat and the triple rear seat. The seats are in excellent condition for a 5yr old bus even better considering the old girl is 21, so with three boys between 2 and 7 would like to keep them in same condition...
  17. Captain arm rest cover cloth removal?

    Hi, I need advice on how to remove the vinyl cover from armrests please. I've a fair idea on how to get seat covers off thanks to Kernow Transporters' pictorial guide, and I can see how the arms themselves detach, I just can't see an obvious way of removing the covers themselves from the arm...
  18. T5 Seat Covers with customer endorsement!!

    Hi all Thought you might like to hear what one of our happy customers is saying about our T5 Seat Covers: "Your seat covers are epic. The fit is perfect and you have clearly thought about what you are doing there. I will pop in for a single cover." Praise indeed!!:) have a look at the range...
  19. Good seat covers

    Looking for some good quality seat covers for my T4 two front Captain seats, seen a few on fleabay but thought id get some opinions first. Not interested in the baggy, wrinkly waterproof ones. Ideally im after some padded leather ones that dont look like seat covers, good tight fit etc....thanks...
  20. Cheap quality r+r seat covers

    Built my bed ,bought the foam and material,started looking round for upholsterers , found one one Gumtree. Emailed sizes to them, 6ft by 4ft 4 inch foam ,split into cushions. Emailed me back £5 per cushion. Took my stuff to the unit ,Janet the tailoress talked me through the best way of...