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seat fitting
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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hi All We've just picked up our T5 camper having been in for conversion for the last 5 weeks. We're thrilled with the Van but disappointed/confused about the Reimo Varitech 333 seat we had fitted. We have two small kids under 4 and the main reason for choosing this seat is because it is on...
  2. Interior
    Hi just bought a pair of Recaro Style seats to fit in my T5:D:ILU: but I need some help, I don´t know how to fit the belt into the frame(base of the seat) :* If somebody has done this ore similar pleas help.
  3. Interior
    Hi there, We've just bought our first t4, it already been nicely converted but only has a simple rock and roll bed. We have two little ones so need proper seats/ bed in the back. It was a rookie mistake, we bought it would be easier to sort than it is...( fools I hear you cry!) We want a full...
  4. T5 Conversions
    I'm looking to purchase a T5 for a day/occasional-night camper (having gained approval from "the wife" to trade-in our 2nd car to part fund the project, so 1st hurdle overT:). My 1st criteria is the safe transport of 4 people, so a crash tested rear seat/bed is mandatory. As to my...
  5. Interior
    Hi all had a good day today fitted my new mark 1 audi TT seats. And i must say they where very easy to do.and heres some pics as well And all i had to do was drill 6 holes in each base I have put red ring around where i drilled the holes in the base. They line up with the holes and pin on the...
  6. Interior
    How easy is it to change a front passenger captains seat for a double in a t4? and do I have to change the drivers seat from a captains aswell or can that stay? Any advice would be great cheers!
  7. Interior
    Hi all, I am trying to fit the kombi quick release seat brackets to my 2004 SWB T5, but am struggling to find the right under-floor plates/brackets. Does anyone know VW part numbers or any alternatives, or could I just use some flat plate? Cheers
1-7 of 7 Results