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seat removal

  1. Caravele - took out passenger seat - airbag warning light on

    Hey. In a move we are now regretting we took out the front passenger seat in our 2010 SWB Caravelle to create some extra space for a camping trip (family of six). This part was pretty easy - four bolts and two plugs under the seat to undo. However on starting the car the MFD says Airbag...
  2. Bebb Bed Comfort help!! How do they compare?

    Anyone near High Wycombe have a BEBB seat fitted that we could take a look at? Whilst I know the major differences in the way a BEBB functions in caparison to a RIBB, you can't knock the ability to remove the BEBB and re-seat into the front KOMBI positions (or indeed remove from the van)...
  3. citroen synergie/Peugot 806 seats ( I think)

    Has anybody ever put 806 or synergie seats in their van. Our mate who works at a scrapyard dropped us these seats round earlier for £0 (RESULT!) The swivel and are all electric. However we are not sure how to wire them. Can anybody help? Cheers
  4. T5 rear seat fitting

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with fitting a T5 triple rear seat in my LWB van. I've fitted seats in the rear of a LWB T4 in the past & just assumed it would be a similar process, but oh no! If anyone has carried out this work they will know the underside of the floor is obviously behind...