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  1. Interior
    Hi, I bought a VW T4 a few days ago. I managed to add some seat belts it was lacking, but now I am stuck with the problems: 1) How to put the lap seat belt on the double seat, 3rd row? I noticed that in the double seat in the front, 2nd row, the seat belt and belt buckle can be bolted in on the...
  2. Interior
    After getting both passenger and drivers captain seats back from the upholsterers (along time ago), and finally being able to fit them in my van just recently, I've found that the actual distance that both seats travel when being adjusted is now quite minimal unlike before? I've given all the...
  3. Interior
    Anyone selling a good condition drivers captain seat in Inca fabric? Keep checking Ebay/Gumtree etc but all seem to be on the south coast - sooooo far for me to travel from the northwest (Manchester)
  4. VAG Parts For Sale
    Could do with a tidy up around the very bottom as it's a bit rusty, otherwise it's in pretty good condition and works perfectly. £30 not including postage.
  5. Parts For Sale
    Here are some immaculate Caravelle seats in the Cheyenne fabric. Taken from my low mileage van last year and never been near smoke. They have the storage boxes and swivel / fold mechanism. One pictured, but I'm selling as a pair £900 collection only from Bristol Toby 07976 291810 or PM please.
  6. Interior
    Hi Helpful People :), I find my T5 drivers seat (non-swivel) uncomfortable on long drives on German autobahns. Does anyone have experience of installing a more comfortable driver's seat? I've seen threads talking about Mini-Cooper seats, Audi and also Saab. I think my preference would be the...
  7. Interior
    Hi, Hope someone can help with this, my rear bench seat won't release on one side and I can't see what's wrong. I can't see what's happened and can't lift the bench. Does anyone know how to see what's wrong without lifting the bench? Or anyone have experience of fixing this?
  8. Interior
    Hi everyone, As a new boy to the Forum, I'm looking for a bit of advice, please. I have a rear Westfalia bench seat that I'd like to sell - the type that slots into the grooves on the floor of my T4 California with built-in seatbelts - and wondered if anyone could suggest where best to...
  9. Parts For Sale
    I have 6 Unwin Removable Seat Fixtures for sale and can sell them in pairs, or as a job lot. £10 per pair or £25 for all 6, plus postage Postage for a pair = £2.90 - Royal Mail 2nd Class Postage for all 6 = £7.99 - Hermes Collection is also possible -Northampton Thanks for looking. All Sold
  10. FREE Stuff
    Double cab seat in inca fabric - pretty good condition. Collect - Arbroath. Cheers.
  11. FREE Stuff
    Double cab seat in inca fabric - pretty good condition. Collect - Arbroath. Cheers.
  12. VAG Parts For Sale
    Drivers Captain Seat in Inca fabric for sale - collection only. Looking for £120. Double cab seat (Inca fabric), with central seatbelt mount also available. Make me an offer. Loads of other bits and pieces also available as I'm breaking a 93 LWB T4...
  13. Electrical
    I have a 2014 T28 Startline and want to fit towbar and reverse sensors. can anyone point me to a wiring diagram for the wiring under the passenger seat ? I've read it contains the wiring for the rear light clusters but no idea what block or wire colours. have tried searching but I just get a...
  14. Clearcut Conversions
  15. Interior
    Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain and fit a drivers seat from a LHD T5, as a replacement for a Double passanger seat in a RHD T5?:*
  16. T5 Conversions
    Hi all, Apologies if this subject has been covered a 1000 times already, but I've been searching and I can't find the answers that I'm looking for. Basically, I'm looking at buying a Rusty Lee 3/4 width bed for my T5.1. I am not going to have seat belts as the bed will purely be there for...
  17. Interior
    Very excited to have my new van , but almost immediately I've norsed it up. I've managed to push my bench seat forwards such that it is jammed up against the table. I did this by moving it fully forward when the bench was folded down, then lifting the seat up which locked in place. If you do...
  18. Interior
    I'm just fitting a Kiravans/Rib drivers seat swivel into my T5. The problem is that the release catch on the swivel badly fouls with the seat trim (even before you actually try is use the lever). My seat is the comfort version, so has height adjustment but that doesn't help either. Basically...
  19. Wanted
    Hi all Does anyone have a T5 seat base for the rear rail system or know where I can get one from? Regards Rob
  20. Parts For Sale
    Folding Rear triple seat from my swb 2003 t4 caravelle in lagoon blue velour comes with the u shaped brackets for the release mechanism on pillars and the 2 mounting brackets for the floor..but no seat belts only the middle lap belt. Also comes with the rear parcel shelf and the rear factory...