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  1. Where can I get T5 Caravelle seats and rails

    General T5 Chat
    I am looking for these and am having trouble locating a triple seat/bed with integral belts, pref post 2010 to add to my van. they seem to be sold in sets of 5 seats or not have the 4 rails that are necessary to put them in. Is anyone taking theirs out? please let me know. Thanks
  2. Caravelle 'Atlantis' rear bed/seat

    Parts For Sale
    Selling a Caravelle 'Atlantis' pattern rear full width seat/bed with integral seat belts for a T5 asking £875 or offers - these have been seen on fleabay for £1000+! Will need caravelle rails to fit. Please note that in the photo below the carpet, rails and front seats are NOT included, just...
  3. T5 rear seat fitting

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me with fitting a T5 triple rear seat in my LWB van. I've fitted seats in the rear of a LWB T4 in the past & just assumed it would be a similar process, but oh no! If anyone has carried out this work they will know the underside of the floor is obviously behind...
  4. R & R Bed/Seat Combo

    T4 Conversions
    Hey folks, just picked up my first T4, getting to know the site so sorry if this is elsewhere but anyone got any advice on a three seater (with seatbelts) folding bed. Have been looking at the Cannon's Forge example just wondering if there were others? Looking for a standalone unit thats not too...