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  1. T6 LWB T32 - Rear seat belt fitting

    T6 Conversions
    My LWB T6 is with a mechanic fitting new seats in the back. He isn't sure about fitting the seatbelts to the pillars. Does he need to add seatbelt reinforcing plate? Can anyone please advise? It's a T32. Thanks - Nick
  2. VW T4 1993 Caravelle swivel base

    Hi All Its been a while since I have posted, but I am always watching. I am hoping this is a simple request/process. I want to add swivel bases to the drivers and passenger seats. With the pre 1996 models the seat belts are attached to the base. So my question is what happens to the...
  3. U Shape Seat Layout - How to fit seat belts

    Hi I have got to the stage of fitting cupboards and seating in my van, I'm looking at this layout http://www.poptoproofs.co.uk/shop/product-info.php?prodname=NLBD5-U-Shape-Adjustable&id=30421 Can anyone give me recommendations (websites) for sink and hob units. Can anyone tell me how the...
  4. Mountingpositions for VW T4 LWB

    T4 Conversions
    Hi! I hope someone can give me a hand. I´m about to mount a Multivan-sleepbench in the back of my LWB. I have learned that it is supposed to work out just fine and that it will provide me with 400mm of extra space in the "livingarea". I have figured out where the mountingpositions are supposed...
  5. T4 Wet Seat belt

    Hi, I have a 19TD T4 1999 and the passenger side seat belt gets soaking wet when it rains hard. Ive had a look over the roof and gully's for holes etc but cant see any obvious areas of concern. I dont have any roof bars or 3rd part roof furniture at all... Is there another location that im...
  6. 2 point Seat belts on rock & roll bed

    we want to add 2 3 point seat belts on our 3/4 rock and roll bed I have never fitted extra seats to a vehicle before, can anyone recommend where to get them from also other then informing the DVLA on the change in seat number do they have to go through any safety tests? Thanks in advanced
  7. Tired or Lazy Seat Belts?!

    In my MY08 Shuttle pretty much all of the belts don't retract themselves with any sort of enthusiasm. Doesn't seem normal to me but being new to the T5 I don't know any better. Is this normal or are they just tired and need replacing? If they need replacing then are they specific to T5 or can I...
  8. Wet Seatbelt

    New T5 Members Forum
    The passenger side seatbelt is soaking wet (really soaking) on my T5 (2007) swb. My mate noticed yesterday when I gave him a lift. I have pulled the belt out completely to let it dry but there must be a lot of water getting into the area where the belt retracts into. Is this a common...
  9. Part number for mid-row seatbelt?

    Does anyone know the VW part number for an inertia reel seatbelt, to fit to the o/s C-pillar, when fitting front twin seats into the mid row. After reading other posts, I think I need the mid row Kombi belt as it is longer than the rear row. I'm after the part number for the belt without...
  10. 3 point belt for rear passenger side

    I seem to be making a meal of this.... I have a caravelle triple rear seat, I have all the receivers, a lap belt & a 3point belt for drivers side and a lap belt.... Still after a 3 point belt for the passenger side of said triple seat - if anyone has one, please put me out of my misery! Am...
  11. Single and bench swap

    Swap Shop
    Im looking to clear out garage, so im trying something different....:cool: Swap my Double Bench Seat with base (2x 3 point seatbelt- not older lapbelt/ folding type) Single Driver Seat (NO BASE and NOT captain) Both out of my 2001 Y reg van. Both very clean and mark free (No rips/tears/...
  12. Seats & Seatbelts for sale

    Parts For Sale
    I'm giving up on my ridiculous VAN Conversion dreams... I'm finally willing to admit that 2 kids under 3 years of age and a van conversion project don't mix. I have a vw t4 800 special mobility conversion from which I removed the 3 single seats with integrated seat belts so these are now on...
  13. Lapbelt wanted & annecdote provided

    Hey everyone, I have got a rear seat that has the female end socket of the seatbelt but not the actual seatbelt strap itself or male end plug. Has anyone got one lying around? Bristol / SW region if poss. Thanks. Read on for recent amusing annecdote: Having fitted 6 single seats in my van...