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service light resetting

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  1. Electrical
    Hi guys, Seen lots of info on how to reset the service reminder on the older T5 vans but nothing on the new ones. I have a 2010 with the white style dash display (believe the previous displays were orange?). Anyone know how i reset the service reminder as it beeps at me every time i get in the...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    I have read the treads on how to reset both these warnings and it works OK. Just wondering if anyone knows the intervals at which these messages come on. Is it based on miles or time?
  3. General Van Chat
    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how the service warning works on a T4 2.5 tdi. Its falshing up "service" when ignition is turned. Does it work on a time interval basis or on its assessment of the condition of the engine? Is it only a vw garage that can reset the service warning? Cheers, Warren
  4. General Technical
    Just changed the oil on my t4, anyone know how to turn the oil serivce indicator off? 1.9td 800 special Cheers Shawsy
1-4 of 4 Results