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  1. Anybody used MANNOL engine oil?

    General T5 Chat
    Found MANNOL engine oil on eBay it looks like it covers alot of VW specs if it does it's like a wonder oil lol , but it's really cheap . Also says it covers 505.01 and 506.01 But the in description says 504.00/507.00/502.00/505.00/503.01/506.00/ VW 505.01*/506.01** *Except VW PDU engines...
  2. Getting back on the road...

    General Technical
    Hi all I've got a 2003 t4 2.5 102, it was used as a daily runabout and for some long surf trips up until 4 years ago when work and family meant I had to source a fuel efficient hatchback. Things have moved on and its time to get the old girl back on the road, looking for advice from the t-4...
  3. Servicing T5 - North Worcestershire or West Midlands

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Guys My T5 is due a service and currently has a full service history. I've not had it long so this is my first service on this vehicle. I live in Kidderminster which is the north end of Worcestershire. It is just south of Shropshire and not far from West Midlands. Can anyone recommend a...
  4. Looking for a decent garage in Plymouth to take my T5 in for service MOT

    General T5 Chat
    Hi folks, I’m looking for recommendations for a decent garage in or around Plymouth to take my T5.1 to for its service? Trying to avoid the “main stealer” if I can help it. Thanks in advance
  5. Changing clock on 2011 T5

    I cannot work this one out. Changing the clock seems to be as simple as pressing the button on the left to select the clock and then using the right hand button to change. However, when I press the left hand button, it shows, what I presume is the service interval (spanner symbol and seems to...
  6. Know a good service garage in Bristol?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi. I've got a '91 T4 camper and the fridge is dead, gas and electric. I need a recommendation for somewhere in Bristol to get it sorted out. (I live in West Bristol) Any recommendations, please?
  7. auto box external cooler fitting in Surrey/SE area

    General Van Chat
    Hi, am looking to get an auto T4 van, and after reading much on this forum about auto gear box woes I would want to fit external cooler however I'm lacking the skills/inclination to do this - can anyone recommend anywhere in the surrey/SE area that could do the work? - I need a cost estimate...
  8. Garage Recommndation for T4 West London

    General Technical
    I have a 1997 T4 SWB 1968cc petrol transporter campervan and would be very grateful if a member could recommend a garage for MOT & Service. I live in Ealing West London and hope there is somewhere fairly local that I can use. Thanks Spin
  9. VW independant garage nr Aberdeen

    General T4 Chat
    So i've just made a long move from Cornwall up to Aberdeen... Can anyone recommend to me a t4 experienced independent garage in Aberdeen area who I can trust with my van? Cheers T:
  10. Dealer Service - Am I Being Blagged

    General T5 Chat
    Hi Folks My T5.1 180 DSG Kombi is coming up 4 years old and has done just over 15,000 miles so and I called the dealer to book it in for an MOT and a basic service as I’ve only done around 1200 miles in it this year. I was told that I should be having the following work done due to the age of...
  11. T5 Servicing - New Forest

    General T5 Technical
    Hello New to the Forum and learning tons, cool place. A shout out for some advice, looking to find a place or mechanic that specialises in T5's near me. Tired of being fleeced at the dealer and trying to find an alternative. General service and poss a new clutch after 90k ? Had a few vans and...
  12. Hi, I'm brand new to the forum and to T4's

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, I just bought my first T4 - a 2.4D LWB Syncro - 1998. I'm a paragliding pilot and I want the van to take me around Europe and the UK to Paragliding launch sites that are usually a good way up the mountain. The previous owner, Jason raised it up to around 12" ground clearance. Great for...
  13. Service record book needed

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi guys I've purchased a 58 plate 102 t5, previous owner lost service record book along with owners manual, any ideas where I can get a replacement? Thanks
  14. List of Filters and Fluids for T5

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All As a recent purchaser without a full service history I was interested in changing all of the fluids and filters, but I'm unsure where to start. I know many of you prefer Original parts, but I am open to upgraded parts as well. So what do I need? (VW T5 2.5L 130 2008 LWB) And where is...
  15. T5 mot/service/respray in west yorkshire

    General Van Chat
    Hi everyone! I live near hebden bridge and am new to the area and looking for two things: A reliable place to service and MOT my van Somewhere to get a full body re spray Can anyone recommend anywhere? Thanks! Matt
  16. Blank service book pages needed

    General T4 Chat
    Morning guys. I've got my dads van in for a service today but his service book is fully stamped up, I'll need to stamp it up for today's work but want to keep it tidy. Does anyone know where I can get some blank pages printed off from on the Internet or do any of you kind people fancy scanning...
  17. AJT engine which oil to use?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Evening all. Needing to change the oil on my van, the computer at my work lists 5w30 for it. Someone who I know that runs a t4 says to use 10w40, can anyone shed any light on it for me please?? We stock 5w30 but not 10w40 Cheers
  18. ***NEW T5 Owner, what the best ENGINE OIL?***

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi Guys, just grabbed my new T5 and want to change the oil/filters. Want a reasonable oil, but not formula 1! Whats the best option? Cheers guys, I look forward to T5ing around this forum!
  19. 1st Service

    General T4 Chat
    I was new to the T4 VW scene in January, and after a bumpy start, 20" rims cracking on the Somerset roads, I have had nothing but Joy ever since, even running 16" steels (a lot smoother ride now). The Wife and Kids are on board with the whole thing and we all love the shows. T: So today, with...
  20. T4 Service Kits from JK

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All, We've got some new service kits for T4s, which should allow you to do a full service of your T4's engine with a range of different kits for different engines T: Here's a link: http://www.justkampers.com/news/article/t4_service_kits Let me know if you've got any questions or comments...