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  1. Servicing in Somerset - recommendations?

    General T5 Technical
    Hi all, We recently moved from West Sussex to Somerset so need to find someone to service our 2007 Caravelle. Can anyone recommend a garage in the area between Taunton and Langport? I have searched the forum but nothing very recent sprung up.
  2. Oil and service advice...

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey :) I have a 1.9 59plate T5 ( think it’s the 84bhp BRR engine ) - BT59 EHW I’m approaching 160k miles, service warning just came on I’ve replaced the cam belt, tensioner and water pump about 4K ago... what else is recommended to do? (Service wise) Most importantly...what is the definitive...
  3. Servicing Recommendations nr Portsmouth

    General T4 Chat
    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations (or ones to avoid) for T4 servicing in and around Gosport/Portsmouth. I hear there's the VW Service Centre (Gosport) Ltd, it's got wall to wall 5/5 reviews on the website but after impartial ideas. Not really seen much about it but...
  4. Newbie here - West London - Servicing on a T4

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi I bought a T4 yesterday and I would like to give it a full service. I lack the Equipment / Knowhow (just now) to do it myself. I live in West London can anybody recommend a good mechanic / garage? Also when I bought it, for some reason the rear and the rear only has been lowered. I have...
  5. London (North West) Mechanics / Garages URGENT!

    T5 Conversions
    Hi All. I'm totally new to this and about to demonstrate some possible rookie failings?! Just picked up a T5 LWB Shuttle conversion bought from eBay. I may be about to learn some lessons the hard way. There seem to be more 'issues' with it than were listed - and I need to urgently get a view...
  6. Best oil to use 5/30 or 5/40 synthetic

    Engine & Gearbox
    Guys what oil would you all recommend . Vw said to use 5/40 synthetic. as that's there recommended oil. But on high mile vans am told to use 5/30 synthetic. Because it thinner. Also Vw say if you are not burning any oil use 5/40 and if you do burn oil use 5/30 I have been using 5/30 fully...
  7. Mechanical WISH LIST for high milage van! Pls Contribute!

    New T4 Members Forum
    Right, I've been chasing dreams of having a t4 since I was 18 and 14 years later I've finally made it! Hurrah. . Lets just say I'm at the low end of the T4 property ladder, but I still cant stop checking it out in the driveway! Its a 2001 Caravelle 2.5td ACV. To be converted into a...
  8. whats the best axles and jack to use on your bus?

    General T4 Chat
    As the title says. Whats the best stands and jack to use on your van to carry out work underneath. I.e replace the alternator and service :) found this in halfords...
  9. Good place for servicing in midlands near Corby?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi there, I've just bought a T5 which is due for a service and has an engine issue (cuts into limp home mode if on a wide open throttle past about 3000 revs, resets when key turned off and on again). Any recommendations of somewhere close that has a clue re diagnostics and will service the van...
  10. Help needed!

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello one and all I am currently over in Pembrokeshire with my family in my (not so) trusty T5 that I have owned and loved for the last 3 years. It broke down yesterday evening somewhat terminally and I need advice on where to take it for repair (and how best to get it there.) For those who...
  11. Servicing - Dealer, Specialist or Self??

    General T5 Chat
    As a cabber I do rack up the miles. Just moved onto a very uneconomical T5 2.5 auto :D (hey ho, gotta live a little!) from a Caddy Maxi, which I mostly serviced myself every 10k with all genuine sunudries, and I always changed ALL of the filters regardless. However, this just doesn't carry the...
  12. t4 80k service

    What's it worth?
    Hi thinking of buying a 2003 t4 due it's 80,000 service. I think it's "the cambelt one". Anyone know what's involved in this service and how much it's likely to set me back? ta
  13. Floopbus

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, My apologies if I have broken any protocol regarding 'posting' or missed something crucial..please advise if so. We have a 1995 T4 1.9 Diesel (N Reg, non Turbo) covered 147k. Its our first van, labour of love and a test bed for our ideas! Sound familiar? :) We love it, She is so...
  14. VW Servicing…..is it worth it

    General T4 Chat
    My vans in my local VW dealers this morning for a "medium" service at 143,000 miles……last one was a "small" at 138k. I'm just inclined to get the van a good once over by a dealer as I've just bought it a 3 weeks ago and am hoping they give it a clean bill of health and nothing major is needing...
  15. Which Oil?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a 55 plate T28 174 and cant seem to find any data on the oil i require for the engine??? any ideas? I have been told that the oil grades are very specific dependent on the power output/engine size ect... Cheers
  16. Recommended Mechanic in the Nottingham area for a T4 service/checkup?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, I need to get my 1997 T4 serviced.. Can anyone recommend a mechanic in the Nottingham area who knows what they're doing with a t4 ? I'm reluctant to hand my van over without a recommendation.. I've had run ins with cowboys before :/ Since i bought the van, and learned a bit; I've noticed...
  17. Servicing - best value for money

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Just joined this forum the other day. We are owners of an 04 2.5TDI VW Caravelle. It is nearly due for a full service (oil change, brake inspection, etc) - and we may also want to get the aircon refreshed. We live near Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, but purchased the vehicle from Abridge VW...
  18. Extralube ZX1 oil additive.....Discuss !

    Engine & Gearbox
    Going to be changing my oil this weekend on my 2,5 tdi (168k) and have seen some good reviews on this stuff, any opinions or downsides to adding it ?
  19. water in fuel

    General T4 Chat
    just had to limp my van home it wont rev past 2000rpm when moving, if i'm sitting still it'll rev to the red line and come onto boost with no problems, so ive removed the fuel filter and found ive got water in the fuel somewhere along the line, is there an easy way to totally drain the tank...
  20. VW Golf - Oil Sensor Issues

    All Other Vehicles
    Got a 54 plate VW Golf (1.9Tdi), and the Oil Sensor has failed. Warning message appears when ignition turned on, but goes off again once started ("Oil Sensor : Workshop"). VW dealer said not to worry about it at the last service, as it would cost about £250 to replace. Not worried about it...