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  1. T5 standard rear shock absorber

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    One good T32 rear shock absorber, genuine VW part. About three years and 40k miles use. I'll check the exact figures later, but I'm a little short on time now. No significant rust and the paper label is still attached. It has been removed because the other original one has died and I've...
  2. Bilstein B6 Dampers for Camper Conversion?

    Steering & Suspension
    Right! I'm after some new dampers for the van and was wondering if the Bilstein B6's would be up to the job for a Camper Conversion, as obviously there is going to be a lot of weight in the back of the van. So, Are they going to be Heavy duty enough? and would it be better to replace the front...
  3. Why would you need a new shock absorber only on the front driver's side?

    Steering & Suspension
    Why would you need a new shock absorber only on the front driver's side? More details: I'm trying to ascertain the most likely reason why a new shock, or "traction arm" as the seller calls it, was fitted to the driver's front side and not the passenger's side. This is for a T4 van I'm currently...
  4. HELP! Anyone's old standard rear springs required

    Steering & Suspension
    Got a 1.9TD 1000 panel van (1999 T4) and have managed to break both rear springs to the suspension and have a pending MOT bearing down upon me in 2 weeks. Anyone got their old standard's kicking around in the back of their garage that i can come and collect. Heading down the M6 and M5 this week...
  5. Missing Lower Bolt from Rear Shock!!!

    Steering & Suspension
    :eek: My near side rear shock has shed its lower fittings, i.e. Bolt, Dished Washer and both Rubber bearings!! It's Sunday are there any places that stock this sort of item on the shelf or is it the local VW dealer and his parts department? I'm a Weymouth person but travel daily to Poole and...