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  1. 1.9TD Vogtland Springs and Shocks

    Steering & Suspension
    Whoopee!!.....just received my Vogtland package from Bluebird Customs; I only ordered them three days ago..........thanks very much Richard......can't wait for the rain to stop to get them fitted.
  2. 1.9TD 800 Special; Vogtland 60's or 40's

    Steering & Suspension
    I'm looking to replace my springs with either Vogtland 40's with thin poly shims, or Vogtland 60's; I can't decide between the two, but I do like the low look. My current springs are Jamex and they keep bottoming out when I carry any weight (eg. 18 paving slabs); most of the time the van's empty...
  3. T4 & T5 Genuine Sachs HD Shocks

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, Due to another Sachs price increase the discount code on the forum is no longer active. A set of 4 genuine HD shocks from Sachs for the T4 s is now £174.60 Inc VAT + Delivery. Here are the links incase required:- T4 Sachs HD Shocks Front...
  4. Standard Steelies & Lowered...PICS Please

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey:cool: Call me mad...call me cool!lol...I like my standard 16" 'dotty pattern' steelies T: My vans just clocked 142k and no record of any suspension items replaced...time to make a list :) OEM shocks alround.. -40 H&R springs ALL new bushes ( OEM spec..not PU/Powerflex type) Has anyone...
  5. Pro Sport Coilovers vs H&R shocks?

    Steering & Suspension
    With a limited budget, Pro Sport Coilovers vs H&R shock, Which should I Go for?
  6. VW T4 SACHS HD SHOCK ABSORBERS ( Brand new full set as per wanapart forum deal )

    Parts For Sale
    Sold and gone thanks !
  7. Westy lean

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I have a T4 westfalia 95 and it's starting to lean quite heavily on the driver's side (fridge, storage, tank etc...). I'm going to buy some Bilsteins and replace the shocks but any advice regarding the springs would be good. I suppose I might need to replace springs too but would rather have a...
  8. Replace shocks or coilovers??

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I have recently bought a 2009 t28, after finally moving on from my t4 camper. Just had garage look at van and they say shocks and top mounts could do with replacing soon. They have given me a price just under £500 for both front shocks and mounts, but I am now wondering is this an...
  9. Bilsteins to match H&R springs and anti roll bars

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi guys, I could do with some advice from those in the know please. I have currently have H&R 40mm drop springs with worn OEM shocks and anti roll bars. Both the shocks and roll bars will be changed soon with H&R roll bars going on. Apart from the shocks bottoming out on the front...
  10. T5 Suspension thoughts!

    Steering & Suspension
    I have a 2013 T5 (T30 Weight cat.), 180bhp SWB Kombi. Its running on the standard 235/55/17 tyres but I have had VW lower the springs by 30mm. I had them lower the springs to overcome the 'boat effect'. The vehicle is very harsh and every bump is felt. It has been suggested that I should have...
  11. Can anybody give me some advice on my shocks and coils?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hello I am after some advice on what to do to improve the ride of my T4. When I bought the van it had been lowered by 55mm by putting on the low-medium load (red) coils. Since I have put in a rock and roll bed and starting carrying stuff and passengers in the back it's are has began to sag...
  12. more shock advise please

    Steering & Suspension
    so tonight i discovered that one of my front shocks has gone! :eek: now im not to clued up on shocks and suspension i know that when i bought the van last year it had been lowered by 50mm all round but im quite sure standard shocks were left on and he just replaced the springs. :* now i need to...
  13. Another Problem. Any Ideas before i tow her to the garage.

    Steering & Suspension
    Ok i'm having a mare! My mate popped around work yesterday afternoon and asked for help changing his shocks, rear left no dramas. Rear right...... WOW!!! Basically the top bolt is moving and unbolted from its securing end but the inner metal tube that it slides through on the shock is stuck on...
  14. What a day!!!

    General T4 Chat
    Started off ok when the van started first time in -14, did the old turn glow plugs on and off three times trick and she fired straight up. Day progressed well and i went to pick up my new shocks, get to shop and guy charges me €288 (£240) for a full set of Sachs super touring shocks :eek: felt...
  15. Shocks or springs?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi guys, I need some friendly advice. My T4 is a panel van that has been converted to a full camper installation which includes ply units & a weighty RIB 3/4 bed in the back. I would describe the ride as bouncy and I can feel a heavier thud under compression which I think is the suspension...
  16. I want my 'velle to go UP

    Steering & Suspension
    The roads around here are like driving around beirut on a good day. My van is so low it hurts me n my van whenever I go over a bump, and I aint getting any younger!:eek: sooo I want to go up. My thoughts are go back up to full height, take off the 18 alloys and put steelies on, OR go up to 40...
  17. Massive MOT failiure...advice please..

    General Technical
    guys our bus failed the MOT yesterday in a bigger way that expected. i stopped the guy adding up the potential repaires when he reached £500 due to the fact we're skint!!(starting a new job next week after 18months redundant!!) now im not sure if i should park it up for a while, or sell it to...
  18. Balljoints and Suspension - Help please.

    Steering & Suspension
    So I need some simple help please gurus. Ive got a noisy front end on my T4, and its getting progressively worse. travel over rough ground emphasises the issue, which is akin to a boneshaker - its very noisy and rattly. im not sure if its a CV/Balljoint issue (and not entirely sure of the...