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  1. 03 t4 caravelle leaking sliding side windows oem

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi all have google searched for leaking genuine side windows, seems to be all t5 results that come up ! My sliders are leaking on both sides where the sliding pane meets the fixed pane. After noticing wet patch on door card..dad and I did the hose pipe test and at the join it comes between the...
  2. NEW REPAIR SECTION - Genuine VW, Entire Blank Side Panel (O/S)

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Top quality genuine Volkswagen side repair panel for O/S (behind driver's door) - no longer needed. £100 (Google the actual RRP - ridiculous money as you can imagine, so grab yourself a total bargain). Free collection from Arbroath area. Can supply weight and dimensions if you'd like to...
  3. Best glue for rubber window seals aftermarket side windows

    General T4 Chat
    Best glue for rubber window trims side windows Hi all the window seals on my aftermarket rear side windows when fitted were probably put on too tight and now they have been in for a few years they have shrunk slightly and split at the point where they were glued together, anyone recommend a...
  4. T5 step cover for side and rear tailgate

    Parts For Sale
    Hello, Just swapped mine up to the caravelle ones so got a fairly new set of t5.1 side and rear step covers. The side step has a few screw holes where the previous owner just put ply over it. £15 o.n.o Local pickup pref but can post. Haven't looked at cost but can't imagine its that dear...
  5. Sliding side door stuck - help please!!!

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    The runners/rollers on my 2003 T4 sliding side door are a bit knackered and upon sliding it closed tonight the front of the door moved outwards, resulting in the top 'nipple' missing it's hole and hitting the b-post. It came far enough forward though for the rear of the door to locate inwards I...
  6. £75 - Black Side Bars 60mm Steel Tube - Suffolk

    Parts For Sale
    Hello I'm selling my Black Side Bars made with 60mm Steel Tube. Bars were made by T4toad so you know they are a quality item, I bought them from him a while ago. Selling for the same price I paid - £75 collection from Suffolk IP14 or I can take to Alive & VDubbin on Saturday June 9th, payment...
  7. Side exit exhaust

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi. Does anyone know how i can convert to a side exit exhaust on my T4. Do i need to keep both boxes or do i only need one :confused: Thanks
  8. O/S/R Bumper corner and fog light

    T4 O/S/R Bumper corner I need a rear bumper for the drivers side :*
  9. Side Rock and Roll Bed with belts?

    Hi All, Finally getting round to the interior of the van. Due to riding I want to put a side sofa/ bed in. Problem is that I also want to put my two saab seats in the front, but typically carry three people mountain biking. Have found this bed 320757446707 on ebay but a little way from me...
  10. side sliding door.

    Wanted.... Side Sliding door in good condition.. CASH WAITING... Oly
  11. T5 Side window fitting Guildford or Reading

    T5 Conversions
    Been scanning the forum for a few days desperately looking for someone reasonably local to either Guildford in Surrey or Reading in Berkshire to fit a side window to my T5. If anyone can recommend someone I would be eternally grateful and will offer my first born child by way of payment.
  12. Sliding side window

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, I've bought a van (t5) which has a genuine sliding side window (1). I've been offered that in exchange for the single sliding window the vendor would replace it with a fixed window and put in an additional fixed window in to the other side. so, I'd have 2 fixed windows rather than 1 slider...
  13. Does it exist????

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I'll set the image, the inch lip at the bottom of the sliding door is perfect but some idiot bent the inch lip below the passenger door with a jack I guess missing the jacking point, on the other side of the van it's ok but the lip is not straight on any van dipping in at the back by the rear...
  14. Side Door Back Slider

    General Technical
    Yes, I know there are loads of threads about side door rollers, BUT they all seem to refer to the bottom rollers. My question is, are the actual rollers in the rear slider (the one that runs in the channel along the outside of the van) the same as the ones in the bottom slider? I was thinking...