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  1. General T5 Chat
    2006 2.5 174 auto at 140k had both the injector seals and glow plugs done a few months ago and was wondering what is causing the van to smoke on start up.It only smokes for about 8/10 seconds then stops there is not a huge amount of smoke and only happens when engine is cold. Smoke also smells...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I have done engine rebuilt by company XMB in Grays near London and that was a terrible experience. The engine is smoking at start up and looses oil. They did change the cam shaft as first one they fitted was faulty but van is still shaking when stationary and does smoke. COULD THAT BE...
  3. General T5 Chat
    Hi, This is a bit of a classic query I know but: When I start my 2.5l Tdi T28 there's a puff of smelly smoke, white with a very slightly dark tinge, it then runs a bit roughly for 5 to 10 seconds before clearing. Smells a bit like a steam engine. It then runs perfectly all day long. If the...
1-3 of 3 Results