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  1. DIN hella Socket

    Hi My cigarette lighter socket is goosed and need to use my DIn Hella Socket to charge via USB. However I have seen some sockets with differing voltage (MAINLY 5V) I was assuming mine would be 12v would I be correct? Has anyone purchased a socket and would recommend one that is good, not wobbly...
  2. Plug laptop into 12V control panel?

    So I've got a twin leisure battery set up - hooked up to a fused control panel that has sockets. I want to be able to charge my laptop from this. All the adapters I find are only to the cigarette lighter socket. Anyone know if you can get a 12V adapter for laptops that fits into a socket of...
  3. Shuttle Rear 12V Socket

    The rear 12V socket is as dead as a dodo on mine. Does anyone know whether it's supposed to be a switched or permanent live? Cheers :)
  4. Additional power socket via cup holder

    I posted in Interiors about how I'd made repairs to the cup holder and put in an extra power socket while it was out of the dash. There was interest in seeing photos of this back in the dash, so here they are (additional photos in original post). Hope this is of interest to others frustrated by...
  5. Male or female?

    Excuse the probably obvious question but do you need a male or female 230v hook up socket on the outside of the van/ under the rear bumper etc, or does it not matter? If so what have most people used? I plan to fit it under the rear offside lights as shown in other posts.
  6. Striplight and mains hookup socket

    Parts For Sale
    Striplight - 12v, low consumption, push switch on end, simple to fit - just 2 wires from baseplate. £10 delivered Flush fit mains hookup socket box - as new condition. 16amp blue plug inlet for electric on site. Fits recess 137mm x 70mm x 60mm deep. Face size 160mm x 100mm. £10 delivered PM...