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  1. Cranks but Wont Start - LT35 2.5 TDI

    LT & Crafter
    Hi We bought our LT end of last year to slowly convert to a camper. It's been running fine until last week. I took the battery out to replace the rotten battery tray and since putting it back in, it wont start. It cranks OK but wont fire. I have undone one of the injector pipes and cranked -...
  2. New Cam Belt - now Diesel pump not working? Heeeelp

    Engine & Gearbox
    Ex AA 2.5tdi 2002 - sorry not sure of the engine code. Van still has the Maple immobilizer fitted with the belt pack permanently located in the rear of the drivers seat - never gives any trouble. Ok - so the locating pin on my cambelt tensioner sheared and as a result timing went and clattered...
  3. 2001 t4 1.9 wont start

    General Technical
    Hi my van was fine last night went out to start today and it turns but no firing, I have had no problems with slow starting otherwise would of suspected glow plugs, took off induction and tried the hair dryer trick to put warm air in too with no result, cracked off a injector and there is no...
  4. Syncro...YAY

    New T4 Members Forum
    Got my 99T4 2.4td Syncro about a month ago(bought blind of ebay), running sweet been Scotland and back. I had an ex ambulance t25 syncro a while back....loved it but boy, was that 1.9d turbo a bag of **** or what? Hoping for better things with this baby. Shame it just didn't start yesterday!:(...
  5. Intermittent starting problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, after browsing through all the forums and seeing many starting problems resolved, I was wondering if anyone can help here: Situation: Mostly starting, sometimes not. When not starting, the glow light is one and there is a single click sound. I could easily clutch -start the engine. THEN...
  6. starter motor issues I think.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi folks, Right... I have read a few threads on here about this issue but hardly anybody finishes the thread off with how they sorted the issue out. About a month ago when trying to start the van the starter motor would turn over very slowly as if the battery was low and then after a couple of...
  7. Auto gearbox trouble - recon, repair or new

    Engine & Gearbox
    T30 shuttle auto. 05. 140,000. only had 3 months. bought with limiter service history for £7k. new turbo fitted. now - gear change is thudy, especially when warmed up and in lower gears up and down. had diag and showed fault on solenoid 2. 0026 solenoid 2-N89 oil black and smell burnt (thats...
  8. Side loading door solenoid

    Hi Chaps, Wicked forum, i used to read it when i had my old T4 byears ago and have returned to the fold! I had the usual central locking problems and repaired the dodgy cable joint under the seat and the central locking module bit the side loading door still refused to play. Does anyone know...
  9. Fuel Pump Stop Solenoid(s)

    Parts For Sale
    I have two of these stop solenoids to suit ABL engines: 1. Genuine VW Part - Boxed. Part Number 028130135B. Has been put into fuel pump in the hope the old one was the fault... It wasn't so consider it brand new and perfect working order. 2. Genuine VW part. Perfect working order but the...
  10. HELP! A non-starter

    Engine & Gearbox
    OK, here's the predicament! Van was running OK but the starter motor was on the way out so... Changed the fuel filter and the starter motor.. Everything was T:T: Did a few starts of the engine, no over running from the starter motor and a nice precise start :ILU:. Took the van for a mile...
  11. Central locking solenoids

    Hi Im looking for a couple of front door central locking solenoids _ can anyone help? Cheers.