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  1. The Workshop
    Eh up forum readers. For Bully's posterity and your general amusement (and possibly the occasional piece of sage wisdom I:), here starts his build thread. Had some undocumented, basic modifications already but nothing worth talking about here. Headlight loom, pedal box reinforcement, decent...
  2. Electrical
    I am trying to decide on a decent audio system for my T4 but immediately came face to face with a wealth of decisions. What Amp, what speakers, what sub, what power management etc etc. What am I looking for? - Sub in separate box under the rock n roll. - Decent front speakers (4") - Decent rear...
  3. New T4 Members Forum
    Hello, wondering if I can get a little help with choosing the correct amp to power some Pioneer 6x9's I've just purchased, they are 500w peak power and RMS 80w What amp should I be looking for to power them? 2 channel or 4 channel? Haven't a clue :* lol Many thanks!
  4. General Van Chat
    I am looking for a little forum experience here to see if this has been done anywhere. If so I would love to see photos and hear about your install. I would like to do is to keep the standard VW head unit in the T5. I would like to utilise the plastic tray on the top to mount an ipod dock...
  5. Electrical
    hi people, im having problems with my speaker. first started of sounding like they was underwater. then sound went all together. every now an then the sound will come back on. everything is standard as it a work van. iv had a look behind the stereo, make sure all cables are secure. everything is...
  6. Electrical
    Can anyone advise me about where best to put rear speakers. I would like a better sound system as I don't wanna blow the vw speakers in the front. I wondered if I could put them in the divider that is behind the front seats?
  7. General T4 Chat
    Hi all Has any1 had 1 of these units and how do u rate them ...
1-7 of 8 Results