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  1. Dash gauges jump and whirring on startup. Clock and odometer go to zero.

    Have an electrical fault that is baffling me. When I start up my 98 caravelle 2.5 TDI there is a whirring sound near dash, the fuel counter jumps up and down (then normalises), the clock goes back to zero, as does the odometer though both then work normally until the next time the van is...
  2. Vw T5.1 Speakers suddenly gone tinny.

    I went away in my van this weekend and when I came to drive home I noticed that the sound from my speakers had completely changed, they have lost all bass and sound really tinny and terrible, my phone sound is better quality now. All the in menu settings are exactly the same as they were and...
  3. T5 with bulkhead speaker upgrade

    Hi.. I'm a newbie and this is my first post! I'm about to purchase a t5 and having been a vito owner without bothering to upgrade in my last vehicle I'm after some advice. I will be purchasing a 2DIN head unit with dav, DAB, iphone connectivity, bluetooth, cooks your lunch for you plus 4 x 50w...
  4. Sound Barrier - Which product?

    Just bought a 1998 T4 which i am going to insulate for sound and heat. My first step after ripping out the existing ply is to apply a sound barrier to the panels. i have spent a lot of time in this and other forums and just get more confused and probably more info than i need in relation to...
  5. Help! Audio minefield.

    I am trying to decide on a decent audio system for my T4 but immediately came face to face with a wealth of decisions. What Amp, what speakers, what sub, what power management etc etc. What am I looking for? - Sub in separate box under the rock n roll. - Decent front speakers (4") - Decent rear...
  6. Aux in help please

  7. Newbie - looking for help on sound proofing

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, First time on site and first post, so bear with me if I haven't got the hang of this yet! I've just got a 08 plate LWB T5 2.5l diesel, 130HP and very pleased with it! :). Looking to convert to day van/ camper although not sure what the difference is. But one thing at a time. I guess the...
  8. 'Hissing' sound from passenger seat footwell - please please help!

    General Technical
    Really need help please! Sorry, I am green as they come and very new to all this so please go steady on me! I just bought a t4 1.9td and am so excited to get on a get out in it! I drove it around a short distance having had it a couple of days and started to notice what can only be described as...
  9. Beeping dashboard driving me insane!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, Looking for some advice about my 'P' Reg T4... Basically a few months back I had to have a fuel leak fixed and to do this the garage took off the whole front to get to the throtle body seal. Since I got the van back there has been a very loud beeping noise coming from the dashboard. Its...
  10. Vibe Sub

    General Van Chat
    I put a new Alpine stereo in my van recently with JBL speakers, it was alright but my wife was disappointed with the bass, so I stuck one of those Vibe Subs in (http://www.vibeaudio.co.uk/products/blackaircbr10/?PHPSESSID=9042088b3e7a664e63d23b2bd7fe7d8e ) and it's freakin awesome!! For anyone...
  11. Feedback on Insulation Idea greatly appreciated

    T5 Conversions
    I am soon to embark on my first conversion project and was hoping some of you folk might give me some feedback on my ideas for the insulation. Here's the plan:- Stage 1 - Some sort of sound deadening on all the panels, including roof & floor and a couple of extra layers on the wheel arches...