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south wales
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  1. Electrical
    Can anyone recommend a respectable auto electrician in the south wales area i'm based at pontypridd and looking to have the work carried out asap. I'm fairly confident with most things but when messing around with 240v wiring systems id rather have the piece of mind someone that 100% knows...
  2. Camping & Excursions
    Anyone ever done a trip to a tour? Not really sure how they work. In the Tour de France you always see shed loads of vans on the side off the route. Do they just get there super early before they shut the roads? Looking at heading over to Brecon for the Tour of Britain in September. Cheers
  3. New T5 Members Forum
    Already in love with browsing this site, great stuff! Just got a 2.5 TDI T5, travelled from Swansea down to Cornwall for it, planning on doing a camper conversion soon! Any tips/advice/do's/don'ts on converting would be appreciated! Here's some pics T:
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good garage in the south Wales area to get a head gasket done. Just had a test done and it looks like its on its way:( My Van is a 06 T5 1.9 Thanks is advance J
1-4 of 4 Results