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  1. Bespoke rear seating, help! Who to use??

    T4 Conversions
    Hi guys, I'm really struggling here and hope some of you may be able to help. My T4 is coming to a stage where I'm ready to build the rear furniture as the insulation, carpet and first fit electrics are all complete. I don't want a rock n roll bed, I'm after a U shaped seating setup. There's...
  2. Best place to buy wheels in or around Bristol

    As above, best place in or around Bristol to buy new and second hand alloys. I'm after some 18" wheels for my T32, preferably with tyres. Any suggestions/advice welcome. Cheers, Matt
  3. T5 alloy wheels

    Been driving around with my 16" steels for too long now and need an upgrade lol If anyone is looking to sell a set of second hand alloys, 17" or 18" then give me a shout. Not too fussed what make they are as long as they are in decent condition. My ideal budget is £500 for wheels and tyres and...
  4. Insulating/carpeting Mad Workshop in Bristol

    General T5 Chat
    Anybody have their van insulated and carpeted by Author and his team? Feedback??
  5. help finding conversions garage in the south

    hi guys , does anyone know of any VW conversion garages in the south that would be near or in bournemouth, im looking to get my van ply lined and carpeted, any help would be awesome cheers
  6. Colour Code South West!?

    Customising / Modding
    Anyone know of good quality colour coders within the south west? and the cost? May just have the bumpers done. Based in plymouth, so as close as possible please!? CheersT: