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  1. Spacers, Bolt through vs bolt to hub & bolt to spacer

    Wheels & Tyres
    Recieved loads of advice regarding which type of spacer to use, 20mm. looking for some more clarification to my thinking on spacers. Recieved loads of advice about 50:50 each way currently. As I see it the options are as below with option 2 costing about twice option 1. ( not my major driving...
  2. Will they fit?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Trying to work out if some Range Rover wheels I purchased will fit. bought them as lots of people seam to use RR but the offset seams a little large 8.5J x 20 EH2 ET58 looking at using the 245\45\20 found this web site that looks interesting...
  3. 15MM hubcentric Spacers & Bolts

    Wheels & Tyres
    Does anyone have 10..15..or maybe 20mm Hubcentric spacers (set of 4) with bolts that would fit alloys for sale.... Once i lower my van the wheels are going to be rubbing on the engine, so need to move them out a bit...I: I have a 2005 T5 ....
  4. Anyone using 5mm spacers??

    Wheels & Tyres
    Soon to fit RR wheels to my T30. Load rating 925kg. :) Size 19" :) ET 57 :( I bought RR vogue wheels! :p Still, I like the wheels so I'm gonna pursue getting them on. A 5mm spacer would put me back to ET52 overall, and reduce the chance of a rub on the inside at the back. So the question is...