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  1. Spare wheel issue

    Wheels & Tyres
    I have 20" alloys with low profile tyres on my T5. If I have a 17" spare with the same overall diameter / circumference, using a standard profile tyre, can I use it as a spare if I have a flat on the front? (17" is the biggest I can get into the spare wheel carrier). I've read all sorts of...
  2. Spare Wheel Carrier Limits?

    Wheels & Tyres
    So, on my van I've got 4 x 18x8 wheels with a 41 offset. Tyres are 235/45. Got a cheap spare which is 18x8 with a 45 offset. The same tyre will go on this (235/45). Question is, will this fit in the spare tyre carrier underneath? My van's in the workshop so I can't try it.
  3. Spare wheel

    Hi, A long shot but a bit desperate. Does anyone have a spare wheel and tyre I can borrow today, Sunday, I hav a puncture and need to get to work tomorrow, For my T4. My no is 07411 519215 please call if anyone can help. Cheers Ken
  4. Where's the spare (or isn't there one?)

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hello. Typical. I'm away from home in my caravelle t4 2001 lwb and just as I was pulling into a car park I heard a bump at the back. I got in, parked, but when I got out I could hear the heart-sinking hiss of the air escaping from my rear offside. I had a feel around and found a nail sticking...
  5. Anyone have a T4/T5 Bonnet spare?!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi Guys, A good friend of mine is an airbrush artist, and is looking to make a centre piece for his workshop, ideally he would like a T4/T5 Bonnet! I'll post pics of his work when its finished, as im sure i could get him to give us some discount!:ILU: So, does anyone have a bonnet spare/going...
  6. VW T4 Syncro spare wheel carrier

    eBay Listings
    I am selling on eBay (item no 180794433760) a T4 syncro spare wheel carrier, which bolts onto the rear right hand side.... It comes with the locking plate for the back door/tailgate, all the bolts (from VW) for fixing on, but none of the retaining/strengthening plates that need to go inside...