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  1. Pair of T4 Caravelle lagoon blue door cards 1 with pocket and speaker basket

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    Pair of lagoon blue door cards from an 03 Caravelle. The drivers side has a carpeted door pocket with the rare and obsolete speaker basket included, as are a pair of speaker grilles. I had a twin seat in my Caravelle originally so the passenger side has no pocket but has been adapted to house...
  2. 2014 T5 door speaker upgrade build

    So having only had the van a week it was time to upgrade the audio in readiness for camper conversion and the installation of two amps, a sub and a pair of rear speakers. I'm pretty impressed with the OE head unit, it's easy to use and the Bluetooth works well. The sound is dreadful though...
  3. T5 with bulkhead speaker upgrade

    Hi.. I'm a newbie and this is my first post! I'm about to purchase a t5 and having been a vito owner without bothering to upgrade in my last vehicle I'm after some advice. I will be purchasing a 2DIN head unit with dav, DAB, iphone connectivity, bluetooth, cooks your lunch for you plus 4 x 50w...
  4. Speaker upgrade for '99 T4 Caravelle

    Hi, I have fitted a new Sony head unit to my '99 Caravelle but the sound quality is still pretty poor with the original speakers. I have 6.5" speakers in the door pockets and strange little side firing tweeters on the dash top. I bought some Auna goldblasters without doing my homework and...
  5. speaker place ideas

    hi guys here is just a few ideas of where to put speakers in your t4 with minimal hassle:) The edge speakers with tweeters are said to fit straight in but they have to be mounted underneath the dash so the grill can go back on. This was difficult but if 4" speakers without built in tweeters are...
  6. Rear speaker recommendations

    Am in the process of fitting my Pioneer 3500 and want to add some rear speakers - I've already got the cables run to the rear and will be adding these to the ISO plug once my spare terminals arrive this week. I'm also thinking of upgrading the front speakers to the commonly used Pioneer 1703...
  7. Stereo speaker wires HELP

    Does anybody know where the dash speakers plug into the back of the stereo ie in the plastic wire block as there doesn't seem to be any wires connected to mine at the mo:*:*:*:* thx D
  8. Front speaker replacement, with pics...

    I was asked if I would document the front speaker replacement as a guide for another forum member...so here it is. I chose the highly recommended Pioneer TS-H1703 Components. First off was the obvious removal of the door card - two philips/x-head screws behind the handle used to close the...
  9. Door Speaker Refresher

    Did a (singular) door speaker this afyernoon/evening after troubleshooting the dreaded dead driver's door electric controls. In my haste I steamed straight in and drilled out the rivets to the larger plastic ring on the door. This is a reminder to anyone about to do a speaker change that you...
  10. Door speaker pockets - should I stretch to Audiosports?

    Hi, I have been mulling this over for a few weeks. I am contemplating just cutting holes in my door pockets and fitting some 6.5 inch components. However I am well aware of the Audiosport fibreglass pockets which angle the speakers up a bit. What I need to know if are the audiosports worth me...
  11. Where to mount speakers

    I have two 6x9's a 12" free air sub and an amp from my old car, where should I fit them in my T5? I have ruled out 6x9's in rear door cards as there is not enough space with the door motor. I did think about under the seats, I have two captains chairs so not much room under them though.
  12. ???Amp speaker noise, help needed on this one???

    I hope someone can help me shed some light on to my speaker noise frustrations. Installed my amps, sub and speakers last week only to find I get real bad noise interference. I am quite knowledgeable in the world of ICE and have fitted many systems my past cars. I thought a bit of troubleshooting...
  13. Alkali Hello

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, first post after having owned my T4 for about 5 years! It's an utterly unmodified Caravelle that I have struggled to put new dash speakers into, there's some tiny little tweeters within a larger 'carrier', I whapped a new alpine 4"ers into the hole and the door speakers stopped working...
  14. Is there a quick and simple direct replacement for T5.1 speakers

    Hello everyone, Apologies if this has been covered before. I'm a new user and indeed a new owner of a T5 (at last - I've waited long enough). I've got a 12 plate T5 Kombi LWB coming and it has the bog standard stereo and 2 speakers in it (I assume in the door but wont know till I get it...
  15. Door speaker pods

    Just come across these on fleabay and wondered what peoples views on them were. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/260725152763?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 I like the look of the audisport ones which I will probably end up getting - slight change of priority at moment since van...
  16. Speaker Help

    Hi Folks , Have finally ordered my Kombi. As it was a preregistered deal I was limited to 3 options. So went Appearance pack, parking sensors and seat pack B. Despite my begging they wouldn't let me have the basic 75 quid radio upgrade (aux input, 4 speakers). I will have the basic CD Radio...
  17. Comps?? Yay or Nay?? ICE guru advice please

    Just got a Kenwood HU with only one RCA output. This is running to a sub with a built in amp. The dash speakers are the originals and running from the headunit. I want to upgrade these and whilst searching I came across these: http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/10642.html...
  18. Speaker Pods for T4

    I'm after some speaker pods for a 1999 T4, the ones that go on the front doors. Thanks