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  1. Getting my T5 ready for Europe trip

    Hi all, ive been on this for a while and have had loads of good advice from it. So i thought i would take the time to share my interior conversion of my van as we get ready to take on south of France. Ill post some pics up of the inside getting redone. click on link below to check the...
  2. Looking for help upgrading stereo on T5.1 in Thanet area

    General T5 Chat
    Just bought my first T5.1 and looking to install a double din dab unit, speakers and reversing camera. Is there anyone in the Thanet area that could help me as would be willing to pay. Thanks in advance.
  3. T6 B-Pillar Speakers?

    Has anyone attempted this? I want to mount speakers in the B pillars between the front and sliding door. This will augment the front speakers for driver/passenger and serve the middle row passengers. It looks like there is space for shallow speakers between the upper and lower seat belt...
  4. Replacement door speakers just run off head unit

    Hi, Any recommendations for replacement door speakers (no dash tweeters) to run off the head unit alone (no amp). I have an RCD330 HU I read a few reviews saying the sound is actually worse after upgrading the speakers and running without an amp. Oh, and I'm looking at the budget end of the...
  5. T4 Velle, where are rear speaker cables routed?

    Hi all, Does anyone know where the O.E. right hand side cable that runs to the rear speaker on a 2001 T4 Velle is routed? Mine has a cable poking out from under the carpet, by the rear wheel arch on the left hand side, but no sign of a cable under the carpet on the right hand side :confused...
  6. head unit mysterious speaker mute no sound from stereo when the weather warms up!

    This is a weird one. I've a 2011 T5.1 and my Alpine ilx-700 headunit is going quiet on me when the weather gets warm :confused: It's been fitted for over a year now and all is good. It has the can bus adapter fitted to enable parking signal/display etc If the ambient temperature reaches about...
  7. Vw T5.1 Speakers suddenly gone tinny.

    I went away in my van this weekend and when I came to drive home I noticed that the sound from my speakers had completely changed, they have lost all bass and sound really tinny and terrible, my phone sound is better quality now. All the in menu settings are exactly the same as they were and...
  8. T5 door speaker measurements

    Need some help urgently to measure the door speakers of the T5. Explanation: I have bought a T5 from my brother in law who lives interstate (about 2000km away). I will not see the car here until his new vehicle is delivered which is in 2-4 weeks from now. In the mean time I would like to get...
  9. Caravelle rear speaker crossover

    I'm new to the forum and can't find the answer to my question. I recently bought some rear speakers and mounts from a caravelle, containing a mid range woofer and 2 tweeters but they didn't come with a crossover unit. Does anyone know what crossovers I need and where I can find them?
  10. Speaker fitting advice

    Hi, I am new to the forum and to my T5 camper van. Very quickly after buying my van I decided to change out the head unit (because the stock one sounded rather awful), fitted the Pioneer AVH-x3700 and am very happy with it and the improved sound. Only problem is I have managed to now blow...
  11. door speakers not work yet tweeters are...?

    right well I'm after some help as i've tried always everything i can think of to solve the problem so open to any ideas.. first up problem is the mid range speakers (i'n the front doors) felt the need to both stop working at the same time from what i can tell, although the tweeters are still...
  12. Upgrading Speaker set up and advise needed

    I have the Std woofer and tweeter Speaker set up with the Dandy HU at the monument. I want to get some better sound in the van. I have read the 38+pages of the speaker install so I hope I will be able to sort this but to start with I have just found some New Rainbow SLX625 Deluxe components in...
  13. Advice on speakers & charging phones etc

    General Van Chat
    Hello! Just bought my first T4 - it's a 1991 high top 4 berth California 2.5D. The speakers are shot, and I wondered where would be best to purchase inexpensive new or 2nd hand speakers? Also - how technical do you have to be to swap them out? Lastly - any advice for a newbie for how to...
  14. New speakers in 2007 T5

    Maybe an easy question but my 2007 van has bad music quality. I don't want massive tunes but just good quality. Thinking of upgrading speakers. What speakers can fit into the doors? Easy to replace, get out? Is it easy to run wires around back or over the top and put another set in for rear...
  15. Speaker upgrade for '99 T4 Caravelle

    Hi, I have fitted a new Sony head unit to my '99 Caravelle but the sound quality is still pretty poor with the original speakers. I have 6.5" speakers in the door pockets and strange little side firing tweeters on the dash top. I bought some Auna goldblasters without doing my homework and...
  16. Alpine EZi-DAB

    Hi there, trying to sort out a plan for the audio in our bus... We need a new aerial (for MW and FM, I assume) as reception is flakey at best (usually when the football club from north london ending in nal are about to score, or admittedly, concede!) Forum auto censoring won't let me name them...
  17. Help! Audio minefield.

    I am trying to decide on a decent audio system for my T4 but immediately came face to face with a wealth of decisions. What Amp, what speakers, what sub, what power management etc etc. What am I looking for? - Sub in separate box under the rock n roll. - Decent front speakers (4") - Decent rear...
  18. Home made rear speaker problem

    If there is anyone out there with expertise in building speakers. I have taken apart 2 Gale Gold Monitors and rebuilt boxes from 3/4" MDF to fit in my VW Transporter. I have even inserted the bass cones to the design (Sorry I should have included a photograph - could do this another day). The...
  19. conversion ongoing (stage photo to follow)

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi all After getting my new van (kombie t30) Stage one removal new seats- seat belts and floor stage two Fit caravelle system in - bought from Wrexham - two swivel seats , table, rear triple seat and carpet floor stage three carpet floor no good with three kids - remove seats back out _...
  20. Speaker upgrade - anyone familiar with Pioneer TS-A172Ci?

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade the front speakers (door speakers and dash tweeters) in my 2010 T5 and have read that the Pioneer TS-H1703 are widely used and highly recommended but they seem a bit scarce these days. I've also seen the Pioneer TS-A172Ci speaker set which might be Pio's replacement...