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speed limits

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  1. General T5 Chat
    Ok, I'm showing my real newbie side here because I only found out yesterday that a T5 that is not registered with DVLA as a Camper Van has a speed limit of 60 on Dual carriageway and 50 in single. I want to convert a T5 to a day van with full width bed with electrics etc.. but wasn't going to...
  2. General T4 Chat
    Just been told I can only do 50 on a single carriage road 60 on a dual carriage way and 70 on z motorway! Is this fact?
  3. T5 Articles & Information
    hiy all, sussex police have been stopping commercial vans and asking drivers to fill in a survey to ask them about speed etc. DID you know that all light commercial ( yes Transporters) are only allowed 50mph on single roads and 60mph on dual roads. 70mph is only available on motorways. I do not...
1-3 of 3 Results