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  1. My instrument cluster just reads dashes, anyone know how to fix? Or replace?

    Hi, all! I have again scoured through the forum with no avail.. Long story short; I purchased a high mile hero last month (2004 T5 1.9TDI) and have been fixing all the little niggles. About 4 years ago on the MOT history it had 650k on it and has done about 40k a year since (or so I've been...
  2. VW T4 Dashboard Clocks gone mental!

    Hello has anyone got any advice on how I might sort out my T4 dashboard clocks that have gone mental. Speedo, fuel and temp gauge all showing strange readings and they move about. As mush as I'd love to say my 1.9TD is doing actually 110mph it is driving me nuts. I've had the clocks out...
  3. N/S headlamp and indicator + other stuff

    Parts For Sale
    I have a T4 UK ns front lamp with with indicator lens for sale. Any reasonable offers accepted - I can't use it in France. Postage is £20 I also have a new hand brake cable (top end) still in the bag. UK speedo also up for grabs - I put a European one on mine. Once again any reasonable offer +...
  4. Speedo and rev counter needle lights ???

    The lights on my speedo and rev counter needles are out. All other lights in instrument cluster are working as they should.Anyone had this problem ? My van is a 2002 t4 2.5 tdi. I was thinking maybe the led's have blown but both at the same time is unlikely or maybe not. :*
  5. Speedo & tacho have died

    T4 2.5 TDI ACV returned from having some work on fuel pump. Timed & working fine now. The battery was dead for a while and replaced (800A 95Ah). Problem: The speedo is reading zero at all speeds and the tachometer is not counting up. All other dials & displays are fine. Mechanic can't remember...
  6. Speedo jumping around at idle

    Hi all, I have a '01 1.9td ABL T4 with no modifications, sometimes when I'm stationary and running at idle, the speedo jumps around between 0 and 20mph. I've mainly noticed it when I have had the lights on, not actually spotted it when the lights are off but it might be because it's less...
  7. t4 1998 speedo help

    General T4 Chat
    hello can anyone help me i need a replacement speedo cluster for my 1998 t4 i have no fuel gauge temp gauge or speedo or if any one noes were i can get a elmos 10417a dash board driver from thanks chris
  8. T4 blue dial surround facia and loom

    I know it's a long shot but I've just got hold of a set of blue dials speedo unit jobbie. All I need now is a non 2.5 tdi loom and facia surround to finish it off so I can upgrade from my old 2.4d dials. Cheers Matt T:
  9. ABS nightmare

    Hi . This is my first post on here . I aquired an 07 t5 long wheel base 4 motion last June for £8k ... With full service history mostly at VW main dealers . which drives perfectly . I then added windows for £500. Just before new year however - the ABS lamp came on ... But only intermittently ...
  10. Dead Dashboard

    Hi, So i just bit the bullet and forked out 2.5k on a refurb for my auto box and the mechanic tells me all the dash clocks have died (was ok before). He says they checked all of their work and had another mechanic look and the connections and gearbox sensor look to be ok. Its a '99 2.5TDI...
  11. Desperatly need auto electrician

    Hi Im in need of an auto electrician to sort out my non working speedo 99% sure its wiring and an intermittant starting problem (which is solved by a gentel persuasive kick to the fuse box). Im in Hall Green, South Birmingham. Do you know anybody...Please? Thanks Rowlie:confused::blg:confused:
  12. My T4 is doing 200Km per hour

    Interesting fault in 1998 T4 2.5 petrol manual. Whilst driving today I noticed that the Tacho was slowly creeping up and the speedo was staying constant. After a few minutes the speedo started to creep up as well. The traffic was doing a reasonably constant speed of 80 km/h but my speedo kept...
  13. Upgrade to blue tacho: advice please!

    Hey guys, I am nearly ready to upgrade my tacho from this to a blue version. I got a second hand one, non-canbus, for a ACV engine as suggested here: http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=86937 And it should be fine for my 1998 non-canbus van. I found the cables here...
  14. T4 speedo with rev counter

    After a T4 cluster with rev counter for my 1.9tdi conversion as the one I have at the m only has a speedometer and large analogue clock. If anybody has one for sale please PM me. thx D
  15. Speedo out by 4mph, ADVICE NEEDED!

    General T5 Technical
    Recently got a 2.5 TDI T5 which came on 20" alloys, due to the bigger circumference the speedo is reading around 4/5mph slower than the van is actually travelling. I was wondering if anyone could offer some insight as to weather there's somehow a way to recalibrate the speedo and would it be...
  16. Vagcom adjustments?

    Clutching at straws here now. 05t5 t28. Speedo sits well below the zero when off and stays there when starting up. When moving seems to hold itself 10mph below my actual speed. Almost like it has started low and moves from the wrong zero. Had dials out n tried moving needle but always settles...
  17. Speedo/fuel gauge not working HELP PLEASE

    Hi Guys, I need help solving a problem I have been having with my 2001 2.5TDI T4. The problem is that my dash clocks do not work. At the moment the speedo doesn't work, fuel gauge kinda works but when I turn corners or if I'm below a quarter of a tank the fuel light goes on and off with that...
  18. T4 changing pinion for speedometer drive

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I've think I've finally confirmed that the reason my speedo is not working on my 92 T4 (petrol) is that the pinion/skew gear for the speedometer drive has failed. I've got a new one, but having spent all afternoon lying on my back using feel to try and figure out how to get to it, I've...
  19. T4 CLUSTER Blue Illumination Only is Out

    Good afternoon, I'm having issue with my T4 Cluster. The Blue LED's (ONLY Blue Lighning is dead) SPEEDO, RPM, TEMP and FUEL are working fine. The Needles are working fine and ligh ON red color as it supposed to do. I took another cluster from Passate B5, Jetta Mk4 in order to see if the...
  20. ABS light, no speedo/cruise ctrl, fluctuating fuel gauge!

    Hi, I have seen some posts on this in the past but not really clear on what people done to sole these issues. I have a 2007 T5 174. Recently the ABS & traction control & handbrake light came on, along with an audio warning on start up. A few days later, the speedo stopped working, the fuel gauge...