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  1. My instrument cluster just reads dashes, anyone know how to fix? Or replace?

    Hi, all! I have again scoured through the forum with no avail.. Long story short; I purchased a high mile hero last month (2004 T5 1.9TDI) and have been fixing all the little niggles. About 4 years ago on the MOT history it had 650k on it and has done about 40k a year since (or so I've been...
  2. Speedo & tacho have died

    T4 2.5 TDI ACV returned from having some work on fuel pump. Timed & working fine now. The battery was dead for a while and replaced (800A 95Ah). Problem: The speedo is reading zero at all speeds and the tachometer is not counting up. All other dials & displays are fine. Mechanic can't remember...
  3. Vw t4 2.5tdi doka

    Hello everyone I am new in forum and wanted to ask here for help ! My T4 2.5TDI IS FROM YEAR 1997 and has a digital speedometer and the km/h speedo stopped working and can't fix nowere here in my country so, I want to replace with one from these tachos that are like in volkswagen golf mk4 and...
  4. Speedo jumping around at idle

    Hi all, I have a '01 1.9td ABL T4 with no modifications, sometimes when I'm stationary and running at idle, the speedo jumps around between 0 and 20mph. I've mainly noticed it when I have had the lights on, not actually spotted it when the lights are off but it might be because it's less...
  5. No Speedo after Cable change

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, I have been searching for a long time but not found an answer. i have a late 94 T4 2.4D. It has the clock with a mechanical speedo and no rev counter. Had the clutch changed a couple of years ago and pretty soon after the speedo became erratic.finally to stop altogether. Finally got round...
  6. Speedo/Tacho not working

    I have a Bilbos T4 1.9 diesel 51 registered camper. The speedo and mile recorder has stopped working. It was put in to a local independent VW specialist garage who thought it could be at the gearbox end (they tried changing a part but no joy). They seemed to think therefore it was at the...
  7. T4 blue dial surround facia and loom

    I know it's a long shot but I've just got hold of a set of blue dials speedo unit jobbie. All I need now is a non 2.5 tdi loom and facia surround to finish it off so I can upgrade from my old 2.4d dials. Cheers Matt T:
  8. T5 instrument cluster / speedometer change

    Hi there! I'm wondering if you could change the T5 speedometer to some else? Searching for a bit updated model, I guess the T5.1 speedo won't work on T5? Does someone know if there's some VW/Audi speedos which would fit for T5?
  9. Dead Dashboard

    Hi, So i just bit the bullet and forked out 2.5k on a refurb for my auto box and the mechanic tells me all the dash clocks have died (was ok before). He says they checked all of their work and had another mechanic look and the connections and gearbox sensor look to be ok. Its a '99 2.5TDI...
  10. T4 changing pinion for speedometer drive

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I've think I've finally confirmed that the reason my speedo is not working on my 92 T4 (petrol) is that the pinion/skew gear for the speedometer drive has failed. I've got a new one, but having spent all afternoon lying on my back using feel to try and figure out how to get to it, I've...
  11. Speedo dramas

    General Technical
    Speedo not working, fuel gauge all over the place! 2.5tdi 2001 Any ideas!!!! :bhd
  12. Speedo stopped working

    Engine & Gearbox
    I was driving along the motorway and my speedo suddenly bounced down to zero, never to work again. what gives? Cable is in place on back of box, not checked anything else. Ta
  13. Help, Need a ABS control module

    Hi, I have a VW Transporter 2.5 LWB, 2008 I just bought the Van (private) I only had it two hours and an engine light came on, then a ABS as well as the red warding light. A day later and the speedo stopped working as well at the mileage guage. I have brought the van to a auto electrician...
  14. Speedo soldering

    Hey guys I recently searched the forum for dead speedo, got my instrument cluster out and went for it. Wondering if I did enough though just reheating/reflowing the existing solder! Basically, put it all back together and its still not working. No worse, but no change either! The speedo just...
  15. Speedo Sender Broken 2.4D

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, I went to replace my speedo sender on my R reg 2.4D AJA manual and the spindle has snapped off in the pinion.:bhd I tried using a wire coat hanger with a dab of superglue on the end to get it out but no joy... Can anyone give me some advice on how to get it out?:confused: Can I...
  16. Advice Pls!!! Wheel Rolling Radius and Speedometer Corrections...

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hello all! I am going to put a set of 20" Rims onto my new T5 and wanted to find out what others' experiences were from doing the same. Let me explain... My van is a 174, so has a current tyre size of 215/65 R16. That gives a rolling radius of 342.95mm and a circumferance of 2154.82mm. I...