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split charge

  1. Do I have a split charger fitted?

    Hi, I am new to the forum and don't know anything about electrics. I am trying to figure out whether the van I recently bought has a split charger. It has a CTEK charger for charging from the mains which seems to work. I can’t easily get to battery to see if it is getting a charge when the...
  2. 1995 T4 California - What are your experiences with solar panels on the pop-top

    Hi, For two years we've had a 1995 T4 California (LHD 2.5 petrol ACU) with the original Westfalia fit-out, which includes the flat fibreglass pop-top. A few weeks back I replaced the original split charger with the FraRon exchange kit, and have it under the fridge. We have 2 x 90Ah lead acid...
  3. ctek d250se battery to battery charger - fitting to T5.1 ex sky van with stop start

    Hello T4 forum. I'm about to embark on the fitting of a ctek d250se battery to battery charger on my T5.1. The vehicle is an ex sky van (2012) with stop start. I have a wire on my ctek which will need to be connected to the ignition fuse but I'm unsure on the correct fuse to piggyback it to...
  4. Solar charging and split charger question.

    Hi I am new here. I have recently been doing a van conversions and fitted a leisure battery (140ah). I also fitted a durite 140amp split charger. Everything working fine. My issue or question has come after I have fitted my solar panels renogy 2x 100watt panel and victorn mppt solar controller...
  5. Solar and Split charge relay problem

    Hi. I have a 2014 VW T5 with a 12v leisure battery connected to vehicle battery via a 140A Sensitive Relay (Portable Power Technology). I have fitted a 150W solar panel and SmartSolar controller MPPT 75/15 to the leisure battery. My problem is that the split charge relay constantly clicks and...
  6. Show us your Leisure battery set up

    Hey guys, I'm looking at leisure batteries. There's heaps of options and ways of fitting them so I feel a little swamped. Lets see your Battery set up, where have you placed it, what would you have done different, if you vented and how you vented? See if someone out there can inspire me to...
  7. Aux battery stops engine from starting

    Hi friends, the engine of our T4 won't crank/start with the new installation of a voltage sensitive relay to charge an auxiliary battery we've put in place. In fact if we try to start it, it'll "shut down" the dashboard and everything else, and it will only come back to life (and start) after...
  8. Solar panels & split charger

    Hi, i have purchased a T5 with a 4 year old Cannon Camper conversion. The unit has a solar panel & controller connected to re-charge the leisure battery together with a PMS3 unit to charge when on electric hookup. Should I also expect a split charge system from the van battery to have been...
  9. Split charge dual battery??

    Hey :) Anyone know if I can use a 12V 140amp Durite 0-727-33 voltage sensitive/intelligent Split Charge Relay to power/charge x2 batteries at the same time by connecting them both to the VSR? I have a 110ah leisure bat and also a 30ah bat from a golf cart that I want to use to power my 12v TV...
  10. A charger for everything?!?!?

    Hey :) I’m after a new ‘split charge setup’ .. Needs to have.. Solar panel input Battery to battery setup Charges leisure battery when on mains hookup *All automatic* no faffing around.. Be awesome to have just one box that everything connects to and is basically fit and forget. Ctek...
  11. Split Charge Specialist - Midlands area

    Hi all, I am looking for somebody who can look at my split charge system and maybe upgrade it. I have had issues for a while with it not keeping my fridge running consistently, I have a solar panel and controller fitted too. I am a complete novice and would prefer to pay some money to someone...
  12. T5.1 smart alternator?

    Hi folks I'm planning out the wiring on my 2015 T5.1 and just wanted to check if I can get away with a VSR or if I need to go whole hog and get a B2B charger. I've had a look through the forum but it looks like the images in Upspex' thread aren't hosted anymore and my van being a 2015 seems to...
  13. Need a split charge system installed

    I’m looking to get a split charge system installed could anyone recommend a south coast installer???
  14. Split charge / Second batteryquestion

    Hello all First post so forgive my ignorance! :ILU: Considering installing a second battery with a split charge system - questions are: If I want my current van stereo and amp set-up to run off the leisure/second battery what do I need to do? Presumably I need to re-connect to new battery...
  15. Searching for a replacement relay

    The Pub
    Hi, im new here, perhaps someone can help me out. Im looking for a replacement relay for what i imagine is the split charge system in my T4. The leisure battery no longer charges and a fuse has not blown. The glow plug relay recently died so im wondering if i need to replace the relay, i can...
  16. Leisure battery underseat install - what do I need?

    Can anyone tell me everything i need to achieve the following: I'd like to have a leisure battery under the driver's seat (which I'd later get a swivel plate installed onto). I'd like to have a fascia panel facing the back with a 3-pin uk plug socket, usb port, and maybe a digital volt...
  17. Travelvolts - New Split Charge System SC120L - £60

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, I bought an upgraded split charge system from Travelvolts (Upspex on the forum) last year but never fitted it. Paid £111 but selling for £60 - grab yourself a bargain! T: Collection from Bristol Info here: https://www.travelvolts.net/product-page/sc120l
  18. Would you split charge or B2B?? That is the question...

    Hey everyone ..so many threads and so little time... It seems that I keep re-reading the same threads linked from t'internet - the build threads are so rewarding but time consuming to find some of the detail... I am such a Noob - the Bus isn't even on the drive yet... I: I have of course done...
  19. Split charge system

    Hi, My leisure battery is not being charged while being driven. It has a CP3 control panel. How are the switches meant to be set on while driving, ie set to Car or off etc. Many thanks in advance, Chris:confused:
  20. Driver seat lesuire battery+extras.

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    I'm just about the take to sorting the lsuire battery and split charge under the driver seat, what else can you get under there and how to people store it all? How'd you secure the battery ? Do you stick some ply on the metal to then screw the split charge and fuses on to ? If you can get...