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  1. Toxic green T4 van parked Battlefield shrewsbury

    T Spotting
    Very nice T4 in vibrant toxic green with black roof tints and decals parked by homebase very much like my own velle.
  2. T4 panel all black between Pontesford and Hanwood 1430

    T Spotting
    Nice T4 heading towards Hanwood , he gave a wave but couldn't reciprocate as I caught sight too late !! Sorry chap
  3. White T5 in Crewe

    General T5 Chat
    Drove past a very nice White T5 with black side windows in Crewe coming out of Tesco this morning. Belong to anyone on here? I would have waved but I had just been to get some fuel and was busy resetting my miles and as my head came back up it passed me.:) Having our first proper road trip in...
  4. Orange T4 - Blandford Forum

    T Spotting
    Orange T4 spotted in Blandford Forum Fresco's: http://tinyurl.com/yzuo8rd
  5. Silver LWB panel van Aylesbury

    T Spotting
    Spotted yesterday afternoon whilst hauling the battery out of my Citroen (at this point I would usually mutter something about [email protected] french cars, but I had to haul the battery out of the van B4 xmas, so I'll keep schtum this time...), a P reg lowered silver panel van with black bonnet and...