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  1. T30 sportline springs advice needed please - help! :-)

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi peeps, I'm not new to the forum but have been more of a reader for quite a while. if that makes sense. I've been through many existing posts on this to try and get a feel but I finally succumbed to asking the specific question. My kombi (14 plate T30, SWB, highline + sportline) is in at VW...
  2. EIBACH -30mm ‘SPORTLINE’ SPRINGS ~ T5.1 HighIine DSG T30

    Steering & Suspension
    Before.. After.. Had a broken o/s front spring so decided to go for Eibach -30mm springs allround. They were supplied by Chilli Jam Vans and are the same springs officially used by VW on Sportline models and retrofits. Was heavily advised to invest in Front Drop Links, Front Top Strut Mounts...
  3. 80MM + Lowering Kit - Where?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I've got a 1999 T4 SWB which has had a rear spring snap. Now, its darn low, 18's sit in the arches at the rear and it was like this when I bought it so its a mystery as to what the springs are with regards to make or designed lowering value. I do cart a lot of weight around too. The ride...
  4. H&r springs too short for struts?

    Steering & Suspension
    Bought a set of h&r springs to fit to 2012 t5.1 startline. Springs are well short to fit in standard strut..spring loose in strut when tightened up. I ordered the set to suit front axle up to 1500kg..other option was suit over 1500kg.. Should I have ordered the others.. Any help Much appreciated
  5. 1.9TD Vogtland Springs and Shocks

    Steering & Suspension
    Whoopee!!.....just received my Vogtland package from Bluebird Customs; I only ordered them three days ago..........thanks very much Richard......can't wait for the rain to stop to get them fitted.
  6. Wanting to go lower but what springs??

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi folks I've been looking into lowering my 2013 T28 KOmbi, I've done loads of research and I've decided against coilovers as they're just too much money for a decent set! I'm leaning toward the 40mm H&R lowering springs but I'm afraid that I will fit them and the drop won't be satisfying enough...
  7. 1.9TD 800 Special; Vogtland 60's or 40's

    Steering & Suspension
    I'm looking to replace my springs with either Vogtland 40's with thin poly shims, or Vogtland 60's; I can't decide between the two, but I do like the low look. My current springs are Jamex and they keep bottoming out when I carry any weight (eg. 18 paving slabs); most of the time the van's empty...
  8. Top front mount replacement needed on 67k miles, 61 reg?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi Thinking of ordering H&R 40mm lowering springs or Vogtland 50mm lowering springs (can't decide) to fit to my T30 SWB panel van 61 reg sat on 18" Rivas. I will be fitting new rear spring cups with the new springs, but is replacing the top front mounts necessary with this milage on? Any...
  9. Vogtland springs help!

    Steering & Suspension
    My van is sat with a broken spring at the moment so I ordered some 40mm vogtland springs off bluebird after seeing good reviews on here http://www.bluebird-type2.co.uk/vw%20t4%20suspension%20parts1.htm However they have turned up today in the correctly labelled box with part number ha 956047...
  10. Low Rear Ride Height After Conversion

    Steering & Suspension
    I have a LWB T30 which was converted by Camper King, it now rides low at the rear compared to the front. I didn't realise the conversion would make so much difference, but it does! I'm looking at upgrading the rear springs to T32 ones, in the hope it levels things up. Does anybody know if this...
  11. Rear springs & ride height

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I have a 1998 T4 LWB which I have been basically living in for the last 8 years around Europe and do quite a bit of driving on terrible tracks etc and so like it the ride height to be as high as possible. Ever since I bought the van it has sat down much lower at the back than at the front...
  12. Standard Steelies & Lowered...PICS Please

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey:cool: Call me mad...call me cool!lol...I like my standard 16" 'dotty pattern' steelies T: My vans just clocked 142k and no record of any suspension items replaced...time to make a list :) OEM shocks alround.. -40 H&R springs ALL new bushes ( OEM spec..not PU/Powerflex type) Has anyone...
  13. Vogtland 50mm Springs

    Steering & Suspension
    Anybody fitted Vogtland springs to their T5? I want to go lower than the standard 40mm drop offered by H&R springs, found some Vogtland 50mm Springs, but never heard of Vogtland before, veedubtransporters are doing a Vogtland 50mm & Bilstein B4 Dampers kit for £410.00 which is tempting me...
  14. Lowering springs for T4

    Parts For Sale
    Lowering springs for T4 £40 Looks Uber cool but makes for a bumpy ride for rear seat passengers so I have just fitted standard springs. I have no idea of the specs but can e mail a photo as a guide to how it looks 'slammed'. :eek: Buyer collects from Poole in Dorset or possibly Epsom, Surrey...
  15. SKSCARPARTS - T4 & T5 Suspension Parts

    Steering & Suspension
    Dont forget its not just HD shocks we sell, if you need suspension parts for your T4 or T5 then check out one of the links below:- SHOCK ABSORBERS http://www.skscarparts.co.uk/suspension/shock-absorber COIL SPRINGS http://www.skscarparts.co.uk/suspension/coil-spring ALL OTHER COMPONENTS...
  16. Passat lowering kit

    All Other Vehicles
    I've just bought an 07 plate high mileage Passat estate to use for work but the handling is very ropey and the NSF shocker is weeping a bit anyway. So I was thinking it might be worth getting a kit and changing all 4 shocks and springs. Can anyone recommend where/what to buy?
  17. T5 Jamex Springs

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi Looking for a little advice if possible. A few years ago I bought a set of Jamex Sports Springs but never fitted them. Now we have had a full conversion and have no need for them. I want to ebay them but not quite sure what to advertise them as fitting. The part number is VW0887 and they...
  18. T4 60mm lowering springs

    eBay Listings
    Have now fitted t4srus heavy duty 50mm lowering springs so selling the 60mm springs which were fitted a couple of years back. The springs have become rusty on the surface but still seem very solid. 161544672190
  19. suspension springs drop?

    General T4 Chat
    Hey all, I have a pair of lowering springs that came with my van and am looking to sell them. They have nothing written on them, is there anyway to gauge what drop they would be? Thanks
  20. 4 x T5 springs

    Parts For Sale
    Just had my 2014 T5 lowered so got the old springs for sale. They are only a week old so looking for around £100 obviously in immaculate condition