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  1. No main beam flash..........

    My van appears to have developed a fault with the main beam flash; noticed the other day that when I pulled the stalk to flash the headlights they didn't come on. With a bit of a 'wiggle' of the stalk I got them to flash briefly but not every time. They will latch on to main beam fine when I...
  2. Smoke from steering column on pulling windscreen washer

    General T4 Chat
    Can anyone help?! I filled up the windscreen washer, I had the bonnet open and pulled the washer switch. A large amount of white electrical smoke puffed out from under the steering column shroud. It continued to smoke for about 10secs. I have pulled off the shroud. It was dusty, but there is no...
  3. Double front seat seatbelt stalk?

    Hey guys, My T4 has a captains seat up front with a double seat w/inertia shoulder seat belts, next to it, but the double seat is missing the seatbelt stalk/receptacle in the middle for the far left passenger. It needs one to pass MOT and I wondered if anyone knew where to find on that is either...
  4. CHaning the wiper switch on my T4

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, My wiper switch/stalk seems to have packed up. It's only working on the fastest setting which pretty lame. I've ordered a new one, but was wondering how easy they are to change. It's a Y reg 1.9 TD. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks.
  5. T4 indicator stalk

    Parts For Sale
    Standard indicator stalk off a 2000 T4 (so the later rounded 96-on type) for sale. Changed due to fitting Cruise Control. In really good condition - the markings are not worn off like some you see. £5 + 2 post PM me