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  1. how to put 12 volts to the starter?

    Hi, Cannot start my 2003 t4 2.5 tdi. Solenoid clicks so I guess it is not the ignition switch but still won't crank. I have read that you can put 12 volts direct to the starter to check that is ok using a jumper cable but need to know what to put the cable onto (obviously one end goes to the...
  2. RED BATTERY LIGHT ON - Broken down in Twickenham

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Can anyone help? The battery light came on driving down the M6. I managed to get to Twickenham, stopped the engine, and of course the battery was as flat as a pancake when I tried to restart. HELP 1. Does anyone recommend a garage or mechanic in the Twickenham area? 2. Does anyone have an idea...
  3. Intermittent starting problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, after browsing through all the forums and seeing many starting problems resolved, I was wondering if anyone can help here: Situation: Mostly starting, sometimes not. When not starting, the glow light is one and there is a single click sound. I could easily clutch -start the engine. THEN...
  4. Starter motor issue?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I can't find the answer through searching - so hopefully a few helpful people here can steer me. Van tried to start; starter engaged a tiny bit but not enough to start engine before all quiet very quickly. Battery is fine. Turning key in ignition gets electrical-type clicking noises...
  5. electrical problem

    hey guys just got home from a long wait on the M25, i stalled my van in traffic to find it wouldn't start again then being stuck in the fast lane. The starter motor didn't even try and make a noise when trying to start so i first thought it was that. Any got soon bloke to give me a bump start...
  6. VW T4/Caravelle 2.5 recurring starter problem

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, It is so that we have a VW T4/Caravelle 2.5 5cyl -97. - petrol It has worked well in a number of years but the last time it has started messing with us ... It´s so that the starter motor keeps giving up, our car is eating them. The first time it broke, it was not so much to think about...
  7. Help - Alternator or Starter Motor?

    Hey Guys! So...Our generally good bus had a bit of trouble today, keeping us stranded for the evening with our two babies that were not happy. About 4 days ago I came out and turned the key and all there was was a *click*. And all things electric would not work, so I figured the battery was...
  8. Starter Motor

    Starter Motor for a 1.9TD ABL :eek:
  9. T4 2.4D (1996) ... and altitude sickness!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey folks, I've not been about here for ages as i've been enjoying the summer in my van T: However winter is one the way and I need to start thinking about a bit of TLC on 'Cinderz'. Since getting my van it's been having strange starting issues. It always starts eventually but never 100%...
  10. What starter battery do I need for a 2.5TDi 102?

    General T4 Chat
    Hello My battery is on the way out. Just wondering what starter battery I need for my 2.5TDI I have done a search, some say 017, others say 019 Just curious as to what I should get and do people have a brand preference Just done a quick search by vehicle on a site and got THIS thanks in...