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steel wheel tyre
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  1. Wanted
    Hey folks, Im looking for a spare to fit with the new set of Clayton 16"s i'm running on the bus 'Its'. I fitted a set of 16" Clayton alloys with 215/65/16 Continental Contivan 200's. Now in an ideal world you have a set of these you no longer want and live just done the road from me here in...
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    I need to send my 17" steelies off to be banded and was planning on using my dads spare set of 16" steels from his T5 however my van is the 4motion t32 2.0BiTdi and it has huge brake calipers and I am unsure whether they will fit. If this is a stupid question please do not hesitate to tell me T:
  3. Wanted
    Any one help me with a spare wheel for my T4, please? Just a bog-standard 15 inch steelie in reasonable nick (not a scabby rust heap like my present one!) With some reasonable and recent rubber on it (not necessarily new like my present Kleber original looks, apart from the dust sheen and a date...
1-3 of 3 Results