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steel wheel
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  1. Parts For Sale
    FOR SALE! 4 x Original 1995 15inch steels from a VW t4 Caravelle 5 x 112 PCD 1 x Same but rusty! (5 total) Located in Glasgow for collection (or can look into courier costs) Make me an offer! (Photos will follow)
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    any one know what type of steel wheels are these? theyre off a transport but my dad had them refurbed and sprayed for me as a surprise. I think they are 16 or 17 inch but havent been able to pick them up yet due to covid. thanks all
  3. General Van Chat
    Hello All, new member alert! I've just bought my first project T5 (06 plate). Needs a little TLC and definitely new wheels. Want to stick with steel so am looking for advice (& pics?) of what looks good. I like the look of some of the banded steels (love the deep dish look). Wha's the max...
  4. VAG Parts For Sale
    Not sure what model wheel these are called (friend said maybe Caravelle but if you know, please let me know!) taken from my own van when I went down the retro steels route. Great looking alloys and really comfortable ride as opposed to larger wheels. (had 22 AXEs on and these were miles...
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    I need to send my 17" steelies off to be banded and was planning on using my dads spare set of 16" steels from his T5 however my van is the 4motion t32 2.0BiTdi and it has huge brake calipers and I am unsure whether they will fit. If this is a stupid question please do not hesitate to tell me T:
  6. New T5 Members Forum
    Went on only my second trip away and discovered I had a rear flat tyre, which had a large split in it, I have 18" alloys fitted to my T5. Removed the flat and then discovered the steel spare would not fit completely over the spigot. Luckily I had a mate living nearby who took me to tyre shop to...
  7. Wheels & Tyres
    Wheel bolts from VW....Ouch! Just went to get a set of 17" steels with Nokian WR A3 winter tyres fitted, unfortunately I didn't realise the bolts currently on the van are not suitable and I need a set of original boltss. A phone call to the local VW dealer later my wallet is over £100 lighter...
  8. Wheels & Tyres
    ok so im still trying to get my head round all the numbers and stuff to do with tyres :* all i know is at the moment i have some 18'' amg alloys that i want to swap for some 17'' steelies that i could get banded as they would look much better :ILU: does any have any suggestions where i could get...
  9. eBay Listings
    Got myself a set of alloys so my steelies with trims are for sale if anyone is interested. The wheels have been painted black with Hammerite to prevent rust and give the trims the pseudo alloy wheel look. The trims are silver look, multi-spoke and are only two months old. The wheels come with...
1-9 of 10 Results