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  1. General T5 Chat
    Is anyone out there or does anybody know anyone who is selling a pptuning exhaust for lwb 2.5 T5 or similar to the pptuning one ?
  2. General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I work in a body shop and currently have a T5 onsite with rear impact, I am struggling to source rear bumper brushed steel protector with 'TRANSPORTER' engraved. If someone could point me it the right direction of somewhere that supplies these that would be great. I have attached some...
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    After much research on this forum, and inspired by the off-road tyre threads, I decided to take the plunge and go up a fair size from the standard 205/65 that came on my steel 16s. I wanted to keep to a mostly road friendly approach, so opted for Hankook 225/70R16 103H RA33. They are marketed...
  4. VAG Parts For Sale
    Excellent condition Black Axe ex 22s with nearly new tyres (less than 1,000 miles). Previously fitted to VW Transporter T5 but would fit other makes/models with correct spigots/adapters etc.. Complete with bolts and spigot rings. £720 ono
  5. Wanted
    As title, need to be nice condition. Cheers
  6. VAG Parts For Sale
    Steel Wheel Centre Caps - Early Type for sale. Been hidden away under some wheels trims for about 25 years, so they're in great condition and pretty rare. Will look the business on a set of banded steelies. £40 for the set (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can...
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, I have a Transporter 2.5 PD TDi and due to odd noise coming from engine I went to see my mechanic yesterday. He told me that the noise is probably coming from camshaft. 140K on the clock so I assume that he is right. How common is this camshaft change at this mileage? I was reading...
  8. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, My 2004 exhaust is looking a bit past its sell by date, as in mild steel OEM and the back box is all split open and looks rough to say the least. Howver, its still passing MOTs and has non advisories or emission issues.... Looking ahead and contingency wise, I was looking at fitting a steel...
  9. VAG Parts For Sale
    I have the following items for sale, which are collection only from Runcorn, Cheshire. T5 bonnet in white (grey white I believe). In good condition, only a few small stone chips. £30 T5 grey commercial front bumper, including all insert, in good condition. Only a few small scuff marks...
  10. General T4 Chat
    Hi folks, Need one 16" steel for my 1997 T4 and finding it surprisingly difficult to find anywhere near Sandbach/Crewe that has one. Anyone got any suggestions please on where to get one from? (sadly, got a spare wheel from someone but didn't check it at the time and think it's 5 x 120 not the 5...
  11. Parts For Sale
    T5 4x steel wheels 16" with tyres & bolts Four 16" standard steel wheels with tyres off a 2005 T5 T26. Please note that I have now sold the hub caps separately so it is just the steel wheels with tyres and bolts for sale. 5x120. Complete with 20 bolts. Tyres are all 205/65R16C. Tyres have...
  12. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi folks, just returned from a few months away and it seems its got a bit chilly out there... I bought my 1991 T4 2.4D panel van (with a home made camper conversion in the back) back in August, and LOVE it. Been running on a bit of veg oil, but that's another story... The current tyres are 185...
  13. Wanted
    Hi, I'm in urgent need of a steel wheel and tyre or just tyre for my T4. Anything as long as it's legal will do! 195/70r15. Happy to travel to collect, and pay. It would really get me out of a jam if someone has one kicking about! Thanks :-)
  14. Parts For Sale
    T4 Steels With Good Tyres 5xWheels 4xTyres - SOLD SOLD........ SOLD..........SOLD 5 x 15x6J ET55 Standard T4 Wheels 4 with Tyres one without. They have a little surface rust but would clean up okay. Tyres are 195/70R15C all with approx 4-5mm of tread on 2x Continental Vanco 2x Pirelli...
  15. Wanted
    As title, any condition. As cheap as possible, or check out my eBay link incase there's something you'd swap for? http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/thedibb/m....id=p4340.l2562 Closer to Conrwall the better :D
  16. Engine & Gearbox
    Any one had any problems with the new mot rules? Heard that if youre van had a cat when it came out of the factory it now needs one? Mines due for an mot this mo th and only had the decat fitted 8 months ago any one know any more?
  17. Wanted
    Hello, anyone out there with a spare wheel with a road legal tyre on? Or just the road legal tyre? Need one for my spare and preferably in the Worthing/Brighton Crawley areas? T:
  18. New T5 Members Forum
    Does anyone know of anywhere in the South West that supplies/fits stainless steel exhaust system for a T5? I have found a firm in the midlands that do a system, fitted for £330, which I would consider is a good price, guaranteed for life etc. Just wondered if there was anyone closer to...
1-18 of 26 Results