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  1. Wanted
    Looking to swap my ATS cups for some banded steels. Ideally 17". All tyres good 5x112 18x 8j Et41. Would sell but swap preferred
  2. VAG Parts For Sale
    Near mint set of VW T5 17" Retro Steels and Continental Tyres. All very good condition, no kerbing, dings or rust and all tyres have plenty of tread. Complete with centre caps. Tyres are 215/60 R17 c 109 5 x 120 PCD 7J x 17 ET 56 £300 ono. Pickup preferred but happy to discuss...
  3. Wanted
    Looking to for: Set of steels for T5 T32 General Grabber ATs or similar, suitable for T32 Also looking for a single passenger swivel. I'm located near Doncaster but willing to travel. Cheers
  4. Parts For Sale
    Taken from my t4 set of standard 15 inch steel wheels with a matching set of 4 good year tyres 205/65/15c Not pretty but not as bad as they look and enough tread on the tyres to see you through the winter ! £60 collected from Bournemouth please. []
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi folks, I’m loving the banded steel look and am now looking to switch from my 20” RS8’ish' alloys to some banded steels. But, there seems to be oodles of options which I can't for the life of me make up my mind. I'm also really thinking of losing the side bars along with getting a comfier...
  6. Wheels & Tyres
    I have a T4 (2002), and would like to go for 17' steels, with tyres as wide as possible, without body mods. The T4 has been lowered by 50mm. Can I have some help as to what my options are..? I read about using Merc wheels etc.. I'd really appreciate your expert input.. Thanks
  7. FREE Stuff
    Looking to get rid of my old steels. Various treads and tyre make. Roadworthy as some tyres recently replaced. All from 2012 T5. Replaced last year and sat in shed ever since. Need the space so they are up for grabs. I have some pics on my phone so DM me and I'll email them through. Thanks...
  8. VAG Parts For Sale
    I have the above set of steels for sale, the tyre is no good, the canvas is showing where the tyre looks like it was flat spotted. One of the silver steels has 885kg stamped in it, none of the others do unfortunately. Ideal for a spare set or for banding, £30 collected from near Portsmouth...
  9. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys just wondering if any of you have used the company called extreme offset wheels. If so what do you think of their service and products I am looking at getting the 5spokes in black with 8j front and 9j rear and the stainless studs. Any opinions would be valued :)
  10. General Van Chat
    Hi everyone; This maybe a really thick question- but does changing wheel size or tyre thickness actually improve drive or is it just a design thing. At moment the van has 16" steels; and is going on road trip to south of France -so will be covering a fair few miles. Don't want to make any...
  11. LWB Garage (All Versions)
    Few pictures of my '99 2.5TDI. 70mm drop, 8J front & 9.5J Rear Vito 16's soon to be urban camo How it started - then i ran mud terrains for a while now as she stands (exhaust is another project i started today, for shows only!
  12. Wanted
    I am after some 17inch GP T5 steels, banded would be lovely, but happy to get standard ones and get them banded at a later date. Cheers
  13. Parts For Sale
    Hi all got a set of 4 steel wheels from my t4 they are clean and sprayed black..with excellent tyres and centre caps !! 2 tyres are 195/70/15c 2 tyres are 205/65/15c All tyres 5mm plus i guess !! I am after £70 collected from christchurch please..thanks !!! []
  14. Swap Shop
    Looking to upgrade the van this year, putting some extra power in, so that means bigger brakes. Problem is, I spent a FORTUNE just before Crimbo on 15" steels. Bought them in medium/pants condition. (The nice old skool square hole) Had them shot blasted and dipped. (£10 each) Had them painted...
  15. Wheels & Tyres
    So, after drooling over the banded steel club thread below, I'm after some info on how to get my standard T4 wheels given the same treatment. My wheels are from a 96td 800 special, 15s I think (not sure as they came as extras when I bought the van and they been in a shed siince, aint even looked...
1-15 of 17 Results