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steering column
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  1. Electrical
    Hello! My very first thread apart from my initial 'Hello', and of course it's going to be complete newbie related electric questions. I have read and read and googled and googled before resorting to posting this thread so hopefully you'll go easy on my idiocy :P I have a 1.9 1993 Transporter...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    So the steering wheel on my van is old and worn and I'm looking to swap it out. I've got hold of a wheel I like but the boss it came with does not fit. Here's a picture of it pushed on as far as it will go, but the bottom end, which should be touching the contact for the horn, is nowhere...
  3. Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, I have recently joined the T4 club having bought our first T4 Caravelle 2002 yesterday - has to be said that the family are in love with it already. Problem is I am 6'5" and this model has no steering column adjustment. Are there such things as an extended column or is the only solution...
  4. Steering & Suspension
    I've got a t4 caravelle 2001. The horn has been going off when I don't want it to. I took the wheel off and there's a washer on top of the spring. It's very misshapen. What should it look like? The spring is also loose - in that you can remove it easily and put it back, but looking at other...
  5. Interior
    Hi Thank you in advance for your replies. I have changed the ignition switch on my T4 today unfortunately when refitting the clamping washer on the top of the column it broke, I have rang my local VW dealer and they don't keep the part, However they gave me the part number as I would like to get...
  6. Wanted
    Hi there I'm after the cowling that the surrounds the steering wheel column for a pre 96 T4. If anybody has one they are after selling please let me know. Thx Dave :)
1-6 of 6 Results