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  1. Power Steering Heavy

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am new to the group and just thought I would share an issue with you in the hope that one of you may be able to offer a solution. I currently own a 2010 2.0TDi T28 and have recently been experiencing an anomaly where the steering gets increasingly heavier once the engine has...
  2. 2.5 AXD P/S Pump required

    Steering & Suspension
    Our van has a power steering leak, and the aircon no longer works, I have checked the aircon free wheel and its duff, the reason it don't work is pressure related, of course I have to remove the aircon pump to get at the PS pump anyway, so may replace them both at the same time (I know the...
  3. Tracking is out... where to look?

    Steering & Suspension
    I bought my t5 (09 plate 150K 1.9) about 2 months ago and the tracking was out, the steering wheel was about 30 degrees to the right. I took it about 2 weeks ago to Bush tyres to get the tracking sorted (and a free suspension and brake check) drove it home and it was perfect. Ive done maybe 100...
  4. T4 (96) Steering Stiff

    Steering & Suspension
    Since buying the van about 11 months ago, I have noticed that the steering is stiffer than I would expect. The previous owner told me that T4 steering was 'wooden' and my father in law agreed, so though nothing of it. But... I had cleaned the dash and may have gone overboard with the spray and...
  5. 1994 Caravelle Kingpin Inclination

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi guys, first time I've needed to directly ask something here. I'm looking at wheel and tyre combos for my syncro caravelle. I would be interested to know the kingpin inclination, or steering axis inclination so I can try and keep the scrub radius exactly the same or at least calculate what the...
  6. Oil leak under air intake

    General T5 Technical
    Hi I have a 2008 1.9tdi 84bhp transporter. i have found a leak under the air intake to the left of the engine see image attached. can anyone tell me what this part is? i've also got a whiring noise coming from the steering when the engine is cold. could it be related?
  7. FOR HIRE: Tie-Rod Removal Tool

    Steering & Suspension
    I have a tie-rod removal tool set for hire if anyone needs it. This is the tool you need to unscrew the inner tie-rod ball joint from the end of the steering rack. These are a common wear item and can cause a lot of rattling and banging in the steering, as well as being an MoT failure point...
  8. Steering Rack Popped, pump as well?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hello all, I appear to have a problem with the steering rack on my 2005 2.5, but I can't find any info about the T5 rack on here. Any advice appreciated. In January I changed the pump as the fluid was no longer green, indicating oil contamination from knackered pump seal. After the pump change...
  9. Awful steering noise

    Steering & Suspension
    The other day I was driving and a high pitched noise developed when revving. Within a couple of minutes this was pretty noticeable, and I realised that when turning the steering wheel there was a loud grinding/squealing noise. I stopped at the first opportunity. The steering fluid had leaked out...
  10. power steering fluid loss - where to start

    Steering & Suspension
    Over the weekend I lost power steering fluid. Opened the reservoir and was full of bubbles, but after leaving it to settle the reservoir was empty. Driving caused a sort of vibrating whine noise especially on turning. I topped it up using about 250ml oil from halfords (they only had one type)...
  11. T4 rear tracking out of alignment?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Just purchased myself a tatty old T4 as a rolling project, and the van is pulling to the left. Took it into my local tyre shop for the tracking/alignment to be adjusted and they said the rear tracking was out but could not be adjusted? :confused: However they compensated for this by adjusting...
  12. Steering judders/ groans on full lock

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi everyone The steering wheel on my T4 2.5tdi LWB has a nasty habit of wobbling/ groaning when doing a sharp turn/ on full lock. I've had a look below and it looks like the steering rack is leaking oil, and the reservoir was quite low. I've topped it up but the noise and wobble is still...
  13. VR6 Velle Steering Rack & Exhaust at war!

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi I have a T4 Caravelle LWB VR6 Auto and love it. I have had this for 3 years now and have just removed my second steering rack due to the exhaust grinding a grove in the rack and causing a leak. When in situ the exhaust is resting on the rack and the join of the outer shell of the exhaust...
  14. Whirring noise when turning steering wheel

    Steering & Suspension
    Need help please, I have recently heard a whirring noise coming from under my van when I turn my steering wheel. Any ideas what this could be iv got my suspicions that I need a new steering rack
  15. steering wheel

    Steering & Suspension
    Is it possible to change a large steering from a 1990 transporter to a smaller one, if so any suggestions.
  16. Power Steering Problem

    Steering & Suspension
    Hello all, I wonder if you could help me with a problem? Last month my power steering stopped working. I replaced the pump with a cheap one off ebay, and bled the system as you're meant to. The power steering worked fine for about 10 miles and then stopped working again. This time there are...
  17. Help identify Issue

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello Everyone, I have recently encountered a issue with changing gear, which happened to be my gear linkage bushes had gone. I have just replaced them put it all back together but it has popped back out again... raging is not strong enough word. Funnily enough this happened after turning...
  18. Groaning noise (hope its the wheel bearing)

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Just a quick one. I've just made it to northern Norway after a 2500 mile trek up. All the way from Denmark its been making a typical buggered wheel bearing noise from the front. It gets louder round left hand bends. We are at my partners parents and her father is a mechanic who owns the local...
  19. steering wheel washers and such

    Steering & Suspension
    I've got a t4 caravelle 2001. The horn has been going off when I don't want it to. I took the wheel off and there's a washer on top of the spring. It's very misshapen. What should it look like? The spring is also loose - in that you can remove it easily and put it back, but looking at other...
  20. My horn keeps tooting!!!

    So. I've a caravelle 2001 t4. Only had it a few weeks. The horn keeps going off when I'm not touching it! Its intermittent and seems to bear no relation to anything I'm doing unless, sometimes it feels as though maybe it does it more when I'm turning the steering wheel a little to the right...