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  1. Technical Articles
    Hi all, so soon I will be attempting to cut out and weld in a new step section salvaged from another bus. I am not a very experienced welder however I have made some repairs to my van in the past. Anyway...is there anything I need to know before attempting this? Do I need to brace the van...
  2. Interior
    Looking for some help and advice I have an aftermarket converted 2009 t5. When I have looked at the way that the step has been fitted after the ply floor and although have been fitted it looks as though the side step has been chocked up to meet the floor level. This has not been an issue...
  3. Interior
    Has anyone ever made their own sliding door step? The prefab plastic ones are about £40 upwards and i never see any spare ones knocking about. I've had to raise the floor due to having rear seats installed on rails and was thinking about putting some ply and vinyl flooring on the step, but need...
  4. T5 Conversions
    Hi out there, can anyone tell me how to remove the passenger doorstep. Is it just like the sliding door step? Just give it a big pull and it comes out?
  5. Parts For Sale
    Hello, Just swapped mine up to the caravelle ones so got a fairly new set of t5.1 side and rear step covers. The side step has a few screw holes where the previous owner just put ply over it. £15 o.n.o Local pickup pref but can post. Haven't looked at cost but can't imagine its that dear...
  6. T5 Conversions
    Hello out there, How do you remove the sliding door step?
  7. Interior
    We've recently converted out VW T5 2010 panel van into a camper. Therefore we have the black metal bulkhead, which comes in two parts if anyone is interested. Free to whoever collects. We are in Stoke Bishop, Bristol. Very good condition. We also have the original plastic door steps (sliding...
  8. General T4 Chat
    Hiya all, I have been looking at step inserts on fleabay, i have a sy floor in Captain (its cheap pool lino really) and think the step liner seems to be a good way to finish it off? Have many people used them? are they a standard size ? Easy enough to fit? Opinions and advice please. This is...
  9. Interior
    Hi all I am looking for a tailgate card and a passenger side step in blue for my caravelle if anyone can help ?