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stereo upgrade
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  1. Electrical
    I’ve just bought a 2011 T5.1 Caravelle with the original stereo - it’s the one without touchscreen. I’m fancying upgrading to a colour screen with more functions and one that I can add a rear view camera to. I’m wanting something good but without being too pricey. Ive seen the Kenwood DMX-110BT...
  2. General T5 Chat
    Just bought my first T5.1 and looking to install a double din dab unit, speakers and reversing camera. Is there anyone in the Thanet area that could help me as would be willing to pay. Thanks in advance.
  3. Electrical
    Hey :) I’m thinking of giving my T5 dash a facelift to a 5.1 and fit an aftermarket stereo. Currently have an rcd200 which is pants!lol Read a few things about swapping stereos and it’s not that straight forward as you’d think! Wiring and battery drain being the main issues? I’ve been looking...
1-3 of 3 Results