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    Hi all, I have a 1999 t4, last week I fitted a new pioneer sph-evo62DABUNI (picture attached). I was naive and did not switch the red and yellow wire over on the harness and have had to manually turn the stereo on / off. Thus my battery was flat today. I have now switched the two wires around...
  2. single din stereo recommendations

    General Van Chat
    i've been looking at upgrading the T4's radio setup without changing the dash. So i've been doing some research into single din's with a flip out screen. so far i've found these: Pioneer AVH-Z7100DAB https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/products/avh-z7100dab AVH-X7800BT...
  3. Stereo Fuse 2015 model

    Does anyone know which one of these is for the stereo? Didn't want to start pulling them all out and can't find a diagram in the handbook or online. Thanks
  4. Tweeter wiring?

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade the fitted speakers as the door ones have disintegrated. I have bought a Hertz energy ESK F 165.5 set which included a crossover and a new sony head unit. The door subs and head unit are done but finding it impossible to find the routing of the cabling for the...
  5. 2013 T5.1 Aftermarket Stereo Advice

    Hi guys, Its been a while but im back with a 2013 T5.1 which I love. Its a blank canvas at the moment and plenty to be done but first things first, a new aftermarket stereo and reversing camera. Options, currently looking at these...
  6. Easy upgrade for RCD 210 (with bluetooth)

    Hi, Just got a converted T5.1 with an RCD 210 (basic single din) installed. Would like to replace this with something I can play Spotify through, preferably via bluetooth. Don't need sat nav and can live without DAB - decent sound quality would be a plus though Basically I'd like something...
  7. Replacement aerial for stereo

    I have a 2003 T4 (although I think that the aerials are standard across all of them) We've managed to snap two aerials in the last year due to overhanging branches and whatnot. (you get a different story depending upon if you ask me or my good lady...) I: Before I shell out on another like...
  8. Unknown Stereo - ideas?

    Just purchased my first T5 transporter. It has an aftermarket stereo which is bluetooth, sat nav, and appears to have internet capability. However, I am unable to get the satnav working - originally it was pending trying to find GPS signal, and then after I played in the settings, the sat nav is...
  9. head unit mysterious speaker mute no sound from stereo when the weather warms up!

    This is a weird one. I've a 2011 T5.1 and my Alpine ilx-700 headunit is going quiet on me when the weather gets warm :confused: It's been fitted for over a year now and all is good. It has the can bus adapter fitted to enable parking signal/display etc If the ambient temperature reaches about...
  10. Alpine 2-DIN stereo - CDE W235BT

    No longer for sale
  11. Head Unit fitment

    I know the topic of Android head units and indeed their fitment has been discussed at length but I can't find an answer to one specific question that I'd like answering before I buy one. I have a 2008 T5 with the smaller aperture in the dash. I don't fancy going down the dash upgrade route for...
  12. New radio for 08 T5

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to replace the original head unit in my 2008 T5 with something that ideally has DAB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth and nav facility or the option to pair it with my iphone so the display appears on the head unit. I know there are some amazing units out there but my budget wont stretch...
  13. Will a VW PASSAT CC 2009-13 head unit fit a T5.1

    Hi, Does anyone know if a GENUINE VW PASSAT CC 2009-13 CD PLAYER HEAD UNIT 3C8035195 can be installed in a VW T5.1 (2013)? Thanks
  14. Fitting Pioneer X3800DAB

    Hi all I've been monitoring one of these double din units for a while and have decided to take the plunge and buy a second hand/ex display one from ebay. I know I need to get a fitting kit and wiring adapter but not sure on anymore details. I've been told to look at incartec.co.ukAnyone have...
  15. T5 door speaker measurements

    Need some help urgently to measure the door speakers of the T5. Explanation: I have bought a T5 from my brother in law who lives interstate (about 2000km away). I will not see the car here until his new vehicle is delivered which is in 2-4 weeks from now. In the mean time I would like to get...
  16. XTRONS PF73MTV aftermarket stereo nightmare!

    Hi all, I've been a forum lurker for 's while now and after much research and advice decided to go for the XTRONS PF73MTV radio for our T5.1. All great until we were driving a 300ml trip when the electric light came on followed by the engine and now filter light and finally kicked into safe...
  17. Aftermarket headunit reception

    Hi guys, Please could some one help...I've fitted an aftermarket headuit and bought a loom with boosted arieal but the reception is dire, have tried most of the suggestions on the other posts but no better??:* I only changed the stereo because I fitted a rear camera for parking...
  18. Items for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Just Kampers 7 Piece Thermo Mat Set for VW T5 SWB 2003 on. Keep the warmth in and the sun out with a set of thermo mats. Designed for the short wheel base T5 this 7 piece kit covers the screen 4 side windows (not for twin sliding doors) and cab doors. There are a few small rips in the back of...
  19. Fitting double din stereo to T5 - help?!

    Hi, i have a 2006 T5 and am trying to replace the stock beta cassette radio with a 2nd hand Clarion MAX983HD but am having a couple of problems and wondered if you guys could help? I have removed the beta radio and the tray above it, and have used an ISO converter lead to plug in the original...
  20. New Head Unit choice 2006 T5

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum even though I have had my van from new!(2006 Kombi) Since the loss of wifey's company car the T5 is now our family vehicle...I've been trying to make it a slightly nicer place for us and the kids to be so following reading a few posts on the forum I embarked on...