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  1. Electrical
    Hey all, currently fitting leisure battery and sterling battery to battery charger to my T5; found loads of helpful advice on here...but can't find out a couple of things so was wondering if anyone could help? 1) the sterling charger has 2 temp sensor cables to run to starter battery and...
  2. eBay Listings
    Happy to end the auction early and sell to somebody on the forum. Here is the link, any questions just post on here or PM me. Dave http://bit.ly/RkfYCU
  3. Electrical
    Hi I'm in a campsite in Wales and my leisure battery is flat. It's been on the van about 4 yrs and has been discharged a lot over winter etc. it's an orange 110 a/ h from tonsure. I've also never topped it up with distilled water. It charges either rough a sterling charger/ power pack off the...
1-3 of 4 Results