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  1. General T4 Chat
    Hello everyone. Recently I purchased a 1997 T4 Multivan Allstar which needs some reparation. As the original paint has lost shine and some rusty elements need to be replaced I will paint it all over with the original color. I would like to keep the original Allstar decals (bonnet and both side...
  2. General T5 Chat
    about 3-4 years ago there was a white van going around with a beach or surf scene wrap along the bottom sides of the van. I can't find it anywhere now but considering this idea for myself on my Raven blue T5. I have looked at some stickerbomb wraps so far but is there anything else that is...
  3. General T4 Chat
    Just wondering what is the company that do the stickers at the shows. He has a big white van and has loads of boards outside it. Has he got a website??? Can't wait for the next show that I'm going to to get some stickers!!
  4. VW BUS - T4 & 5+ Magazine
    does anyone know if there is a t4/5 magazine sticker available? and if so where from?
  5. Customising / Modding
    I've been bitten by the Sticker Bombing bug! Checking out what others have done got me thinking what I could do. I've got a mate who runs a signage company and he suggested doing it as one sheet. The benefit is that you can literally do any design you like, easy to apply and lasts a hell of...
  6. Customising / Modding
    Ok here it is A: This is something I found but are still a bit unsure as to where I will stick it on the my T5, oh ! I have two of them. For a size comparison : And in it's own glory. T:
1-6 of 7 Results